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Nov 4, 2001 11:44 PM

Need to find REALLY GOOD French bread in Philly !

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I cannot find one single GREAT baguette in this town.
If they have the crunch ...they don't have the taste...and vice versa.
I am about to give up.....I just can't believe that
in a town this size....NOBODY is making REALLY authentic french bread.
Can anyone help me????
Do you have any suggestions.

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    1. re: Rich Pawlak

      That's what I figured.......
      Thanks for your's just what I was thinking.

      1. re: Evangeline
        Herbert Chan

        Where exactly have you gone that you consider only good, or not good at all, and why?

        1. re: Herbert Chan

          Have you tried Metropolitan Bakery or The Bus? They're the best bakeries in Philly - if they don't have it, noone does.

          1. re: Herbert Chan

            I do remember having the bread from metropolitan bakery.....I don't remember why I didn't care for it.
            Most likely it was not very tasty.
            Le Bus use to make a good baggette(?) ...but's just flabby with very little crusty exterior and not much flavor.

            There is a bakery in Wash. DC called Firehook.....they make bread as close to the real thing that I have had over here in this area of the country.
            Crusty, flavorful and a texture inside full of holes....just the way it ought to be.

            Now....the flat out MOST AUTHENTIC baggette EVER made in this country has got to be in Berkley at a little shop called the Cheese Board.
            Honset to GOD I thought I was in France again.

            I called them to find out if they would ship....they said no.

            Oh well.
            Anyway.....I will give Metropolitan another shot.
            Maybe I was wrong...or caught them on a bad day.
            Good French bread is about the texture and taste as well as the crusty exterior.....the harder the better.
            Most bakers around here can't seem to grasp that concept.
            Let me know if you have other suggestions.

            Thanks for your comments.

      2. Up for a little drive?

        I just moved out of center city to the main line, and stumbled across some absolutely fantastic bread out here. You might have heard of the place, they were voted best of philly for pastries and a few other things over the past few years.

        Its in Wayne, the name of the place is Aux Petits Delices... Its about an 18 mile drive from center city, and very easy to find... or a short trip on the R5 (or is it the R7? the one that goes along the wayne, strafford , devon route) and is about two blocks from the wayne train station.
        I still drive into the city to go to some of the asian markets, 9th st., etc... so you might as well make your way out here... the bread is worth it. If anyone is interested, I would be happy to give directions, it is very easy to get to.
        Otherwise, settle for some good Italian bread at Sarcones... :)

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        1. re: pogo joe

          I have had their pastry but not their french bread....I'll check it out.
          Thanks for the tip.