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Oct 25, 2001 07:14 PM

Yocco's and Medford Franks

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Hi all,
Is Yocco's really still using Medford Franks? I've been trying to locate who makes Medford franks, and all I get is that they're no longer manufactured. Sold out to Hatfield, who dropped the Medford name and blend.
So... if anyone knows how I can get in touch with a Medford Supplier, I'd appreciate it!


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  1. Last time I was there, about 2 months ago, the sign at Yocco's still said Medford. Why not give Yocco's a call and get a supplier from them?

    Holly Moore

    Link: http://www.HollyEats.Com


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    1. re: Holly Moore

      I was there in mid-October. Sign still says Medford.

      PS: I wasn't impressed with the hot dog; it was just OK.

      1. re: Holly Moore

        1. Long distance
        2. Thought someone might know.
        3. Tried. They wouldn't tell, even tho I'm 2000 miles away.


        1. re: Holly Moore

          Is this the sign in the original location of of 7th street in Allentown? I haven't been there in years. I remeber the first thime I tried them. They had to be the most repulsive looking things on the planet! But man are they good. I was hooked from then on. My usual was three and a Rosenberger's chocolate milk!!