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Oct 25, 2001 12:29 PM

Burlholme/Fox Chase area - any recommendations for dinner?

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Perhaps I can get some help on this board...

I've got a checkup at Fox Chase Cancer Center this coming Monday afternoon, and we're looking for a place to have dinner in the area - other than the Country Club diner or the Chinese/Japanese place on Rt. 73.

I know of an interesting-looking kosher Indian place in the area - but, unless things have changed, it's closed on Mondays.

We don't eat pork or shellfish, but almost anything else goes. And price is little object - we're willing to pay for a good meal. Can anyone help?

Helena Robinson - Hillsborough, NJ

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  1. As a matter of fact, we just had a delicious dinner at a restaurant located about two minutes from the Fox Chase Cancer Center. There is a parking lot.
    It's Moonstruck, 7955 Oxford Ave. (at Rhawn St.), 215-725-6000. It's primarily Italian, but with an extensive menu that includes fish, seafood, pasta, etc.
    Friends suggested it saying that it is pretty, pleasant, excellent service, and not noisy.Prices are moderate, with entrees in the teens or low twenties.
    Every entry comes with either tossed or Caeser salad, enough for an appetizer.
    I had the calves liver; I rarely order it out because I am really fussy about it. It was delicious; fresh-tasting, done just right, etc. Everyone enjoyed what they ordered.
    This is not downtown deluxe gourmet, but we thought it was very good food in a most enjoyable atmosphere. It is owned by Toto, of Toto's in downtown Philly.
    And they don't mind if you just want salad and appetizer, etc.
    If you go there, let us know how you liked it.

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      David De Silva

      I would agree with Sylvia that Moonstruck does serve very good Italian food. I would also recommend Paloma (6516 Castor Ave., 215-533-0356) which is haute French-Mexican. Yes it does sound somewhat strange but it actually is French food with mild Mexican influences mixed in. It is a small, quaint restaurant in not such a hot neighborhhod, but the food is worth it. Let us know what you try and how you liked it. David

      1. re: Sylvia
        Helena Robinson

        Thanks for the suggestion!

        We tried Moonstruck last night and had a great time. :-)

        Only bummer of the evening was the soup special, described as version of their minnestrone but with the addtion of buttnernut squash. Alas, what the server didn't tell us until I tried a spoonful (and she had no way of knowing, since the chef didn't tell her) was that it also contained bacon strips. Since we don't eat pork or shellfish, that was disappointing. :-(

        In spite of that, we still had PLENTY to eat! :-) Ken started with the tortoloni - actually ravioli in a very tasty eggplant sauce. I started with the portobello mushroom with cheese and a very tasty dressing. The house garden salads were probably among the best we've had in quite some time - not drenched in a very tasty orange viniagrette. Entrees were tuna for Ken and salmon for me - both very nice. And the Clos du Val zin was a nice bottle too. :-)

        Coffee was very good for an Italian restaurant. :-) And desserts were light, pleasant, and just enough - an opera torte for Ken and a chocolate mousse cake for me.

        Nice to finally find some fine dining near Fox Chase - thanks again!

        Helena Robinson - Hillsborough, NJ

        1. re: Helena Robinson

          I'm so glad that Moonstruck worked out well for you. It's a shame about the soup. Who would guess that a soup like that would contain bacon?
          Thanks for posting your report. So often, we can recommend and never know the outcome!