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Oct 23, 2001 07:56 PM

DDC Dinner at Tierra Columbiana

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All I can say is THANKS THANKS and more THANKS to Katie for being such a wonderful hostess and to Tierra Columbiana for there great food and service. I can't tell you what dish I liked best because they were all yummy. But if I had to pick just one I guess it would have to be the plantain fritters with garlic dipping sauce or maybe it would be the chicken and ham croquetts or was it the chicken and rice Colombian style---no no it had to be the roast pork or was it the shredded beef in a yummy sauce with onions and peppers---I almost forgot it was the Flan with caramel sauce---it's just to hard to pick just one.
Katie, my husband said to tell you his lips are still tingling from the best salsa he ever had. Thanks again.

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  1. I second that! Great dinner, Katie. Everything was wonderful! That salsa rivalled anything I had in San Francisco (and I lived in the Mission ;-)

    And that garlic sauce...

    I will definitely go back. The bar was nice, too.


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      I know we are late to jump on the bandwagon, but thanks to Katie for a wonderful DDC meal on Monday!! A good time was had by all, and the food was wonderful. Our vote for best dish was the ropa vieja, truly spectacular. Can't wait for the next dinner to see all you great folks again!

      Anna & Tom Casetta

      1. re: Anna Casetta

        Dear Chowhounds,

        My first time at the site, and I am salivating to know where Tierra Columbiana is, so I can take my family from Peru there. I know it is Columbian food, but it surely sound exceptional. Is it in the Phiadelphia area?

        I will also also give my chowhound vote of approval for the Gumbo Shop on Concord Road in Aston, PA. They will fax you menus daily, and their menus are enough to get me in my car traveling i their direction for lunch or dinner. The jambalaya salad is tops, as are their varius gumbos.

    2. A smashing success! What a great spread, TRUE Chowhound fare! I, too cant decide what my fave of the night was, but the shredded, spider plantain fritters with garlic sauce, the airy, smoky ham and chicken croquettas, the beef empanadas and the mellow ropa vieja top my list. The black beans were as soulful and rich as any I have ever had in Miami, and the guava jelly and white cheese dessert was truly delish!

      Great organization and menu planning, Katie, absolutely terrific. And really nice dinner companions, to the very last one, some very interesting characters.

      I am definitely heading back there to explore the menu. I wish I could have hung out at the bar as well, it looked like the place to mingle and tingle.

      I cant WAIT for the next DDC dinner, which we will tentatively plan for the first week of December. Look for a post shortly!

      1. Hey all:

        Jeepers - I feel like Sally Field accepting her Oscar ("You like me - you REALLY REALLY like me!!!"). You'll give this silly old girl a swelled head . I had a wonderful evening too and have sent the resturant a thank you note on behalf of all the Chowhounds that enjoyed our luscious dinner on Monday.

        It was truly a pleasure to play hostess for such an appreciative crowd. I will be happy to do it again in the future, just let me recover from this last one first! I am still full from too much wonderful food...

        For all of you that couldn't join us, que pena (what a shame)! The restaurant really outdid themselves taking care of us from the lovely tables they set to the gracious service. Dinner was truly a feast to behold and there was much hobnobbing, comraderie and (for lack of a better phrase and to carry the analogy much too far) Chowhounds sniffing each other out. Much fun was had by all and I hope more people can join us next time. Everyone is so nice and it's wonderful to meet such a varied but likeminded group of folks. Thank you all for coming and for the accolades. I really DO love playing hostess so it does wonders for my ego ;o)!