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Sep 9, 2001 03:00 PM

Real gelato near Philly

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Does anyone know where one can find actual gelato in Philly or nearby?

I don't mean that mutant-dairy-queen-soft-serve rubbish hawked by Rita's that they call gelati[sic]

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  1. Gene:

    Varallo Brothers bakery at 1639 S 10th St ( @ corner of Morris - 215-952-0367) has REAL gelato that is delicious. The chocolate/hazelnut (Nutella, anyone?) flavor is great, as is the pistachio. They also make very tasty and reasonable baked goods, but the gelato is ROCKIN'! A nice place to go for dessert on a summer evening, perhaps after dinner at a nearby BYOB. There are several of those in the general vicinity as well, so South Philly is hopping for great places to Chow!

    Buon appetito!