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Sep 8, 2001 09:15 PM

awesome ribs in Wilkes-Barre

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I was at the Wyoming Valley Mall today and there was a small fair in the parking lot, with a blues band and some people passing out community-related literature. There were also several stands selling concessions. One of them had fish sandwiches and chopped pork sandwiches, one had bbq'd chicken, and one had slabs of pork ribs. The chopped pork was from whole pig (I looked under the smoker). I passed on the chicken and the fish. The chopped pork was good, very moist and meaty, but with very little sauce, very basic; smoked meat on white bread. The ribs were unreal. They were moist, flavorful, meaty, woody, slow cooked and well smoked. The hot sauce was painted on afterwards, and was slightly brown-sugar sweet, not cloying, and peppery, maybe a 6 on the hot sauce scale. The mild sauce was the same but maybe a 1 on the hot sauce scale. I ate until I was seriously buzzed.

I spoke with the chef, and asked him where he was from, and where I could find his restaurant, and here is the bad news; there isn't one. He and his friends cook for fundraisers for their lodge, which I think is called The Brotherhood Lodge. He said that they are at the corner of Hill St and Main a couple times a month; on the side of the rib smoker (which was as big as a Buick) was stencilled, "Duke's Ribs". $18 for a rack that easily serves 3. $4 for a chopped pork sandwich that will provide a decent amount of leftovers. Keep an eye out for them.

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