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Sep 7, 2001 09:24 PM

Best Hoagie in D'Burgh

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Right, now who sells the best hoagie in Pittsburgh, or in all Allegheny County, in this year of 2001? And more important, why? To me, if you didn't cook it in a pizza oven, it's not even a hoagie (be a sub, or a grinder, or some dam thing). But then I recall the premade hoagies for 49 cents at the Woolworth's on Market Square, and they were good every day for lunch...
Still, what commercial establishment makes the hoagie that crosses your mind while lounging on the beach at Waikiki?

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    Tom Brenholts

    Um, Danny's on Rt 88 in South Park, maybe? I was there about a year ago and they tasted the same as they did in 1969.

    Tom Brenholts