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Sep 1, 2001 05:56 PM

nanticoke, pa restaurant name

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Several years ago I went w/ some friends to a restaurant in Nanticoke, suburb of Wilkes-Barre. It was a converted shot & beer joint, all cleaned up. Owned by an Englishman & Amer. wife. One of the most memorable meals I have ever had. The 6 of us spent about %500, but it was worth every penny of it. Fresh wild blueberry ice cream, with the fruit picked by the owner that day out in the forest. Superb food! Anyone know the name of this place?
David Dunkle

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  1. here's a listing of all restaurants in Nanticoke, click below (actually, not quite all...you've got to click at bottom to see the remainder).

    yellow.com rules

    Link: http://yp.yahoo.com/py/ypResults.py?s...

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      david dunkle

      Thanks for the tip. I checked all the restaurants listed; none seemed to ring even a slight bell. I hope they didn't go out of business, because this food was LIGHT-YEARS ahead of anything even in second place in that coal-cracker region. How it ever appeared in such a location is an absolute mystery to me. But SOMEBODY knew what they were doing in that kitchen, I assure you!
      David Dunkle

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        Sorry, David. But don't give up hope. The place may not be in Nanticoke (might be just over the boarder in Nantipepsi or something).

        Unfortunately, we don't have the huge participation here on our Pennsylviania board that we do in the SF, LA, and NYC (and, increasingly, Chicago and Boston) communities. So nobody's chimed in yet. But if you stick around, I bet the answer will come to us within a week or two.

        If you really want to research, there's a button beneath that yellow.com restaurant list that says 'beyond nanticoke', which will show you restaurants in expanding range beyond nanticoke. it'll take time to plow through, but if you're truly a chowhound, you're...er...dogged enough.


    2. David,

      Believe it or not, we "coal crackers" manage to have a few good restaurants in our neck of the woods! Unfortunately, Relics (I'm 99% sure that's the name of the place you're referring to) closed a few years ago. I'm not sure what became of the owners, but it was a good place.

      I'm not sure if you make it up this way often, but if you do, there are a few other good options:

      ~Katana in Wilkes-Barre is the area's best for sushi
      ~Bistro Bistro in Kingston does some fun things with new American
      ~Good Fellos in Exeter for very nice, upscale Italian
      ~Elmer Sudds in Wilkes-Barre is one of the best beer bars I've ever been to. Outstanding selection of beers on tap - obscure Belgians, English Ales on the hand pump and really different micros along with a very small but interesting menu and a jukebox filled with Richard Thompson CDs (that's my taste anyway!).

      Further north, there aren't many great options in Scranton outside of a few homey Italian places, but just a few more miles up 81N is Clarks Summit. Clarks Summit offers the area's best collection of somewhat upscale new American cuisine. Places worth checking out include Michaelangelo's, Hemisphere's, Patsel's and, IMO, the best of the bunch - Pepato. At Pepato you can get great, inventive seafood (perfect tuna, halibut, john dory, diver scallops) and game (caribou, wild boar, braised rabbit). The other places I mentioned offer riffs on similar foods, with Patsel's and Michaelangelo's being a bit more upscale. Pepato and Hemisphere's are BYOB.


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        Bad news about that restaurant in Nanticoke! Now that you mention it, Relics does sound correct. If I'm in that neck of the woods I'll look up these others you mentioned. I have been to Diamente's near Mountain Top, kind of upscale for that area, pretty good food & not outrageously overpriced.

        David Dunkle