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Aug 22, 2001 08:36 AM


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We did the long drive from Yardley to Sultan last night and yes, it was worth the drive! Lots of layers of flavors, wonderful pooris -- will return to try different things. We were worried that we were the only ones there -- hope this was uncharacteristic.

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  1. And WHERE IS this SULTAN place? And could you give us a few more details of your dinner? Thanks!

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      It's in Lansdale. A little storefront in a less than flourishing mall. For directions, I used Aol yellow pages which gave me door-to-door directions (and a map if you want one). The menu at Sultan was more extensive than we're used too (more choices than Palace of Asia). Both my husband and I had lamb dishes, mine was ...(maybe a Bhuna Padoor?). Can't remember since it's not one that I have ordered before, but it had ground almonds and some other nut (cashews, maybe) which were't really discernible, except as a hint of flavor. The dish was execllent, although medium hot was merely medium; I might go hotter another time. Pappadums came first and were complimentary (spiced with fennel rather than pepper), served with mint chutney, dal-which had more piquancy than I'm used to (a plus), and an onion relish. The rice accompanying the entrees was very fragrant basmati, hints of cinnamon and other good stuff. Raita was thin, had tomatoes and cucumbers, mango cutney the usual, but in smaller more manageable pieces. Naan was good, but the poori were spectacular --beautifully light and puffy and they stayed puffed until we broke into them. The only disappointment would be the keema(meat) samosas --slightly doughy and the meat was dry -- but I make my own and so am spoiled. Lots of other appetizer choices. Have you a favorite Indian restaurant in the area? I highly recommend this one (oh, it's BYOB).

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        David De Silva

        I am glad to hear so many people like Sultan. It is the place where my wife and I were first introduced to Indian food and, since we thought it was so good, have never tried any other. So, I've always wondered if it was as good as we thought, I guess it is!

        I too do not know how they stay in business. There are usually very few people there except on the weekend, when it gets fairly crowded. The waitstaff are very freindly and helpful and full of culture and class. We have never been disappointed with anything we've had there. As far as location, it is right down the road from the Montgomeryville Mall where Rte's 309, 463 and 202 meet (called 5 point plaza). Unfortunately we have heard rumors that they are putting a Lowe's in the now nearly abandoned plaza which will force store owners (including Sultan) to a different location! That's all we need is another huge store rather than nice small buisnesses!

        It would be a far trek for the DDC but an ideal place for them to meet. It is empty on a Monday or Tuesday (or a Wednesday or Thursday for that matter) and they would probably jump at the chance of having 20 some people come in. It is reasonably priced and BYO to boot. If the DDC ever wanted to come up my way I would gladly make the arrangements with Sultan. But then again, there may be as good Indian food in the city (?). For anyone near Sultan it is a great place to go and eat (very quiet, candle lit), great for takeout, and they have a great (huge) lunch buffet for $7.95!

        1. re: David De Silva

          No place is really too far for a good DDC outing, and I will take you up on your offer to host a dinner at SULTAN in the near future. I like the sound of it already, and why not a good Indian place in the burbs? Finding places like this is exactly what the DDC was always about.

          1. re: Rich Pawlak

            Since both my husband and I enjoyed the DDC dinner at Penang I would like to second that motion for a dinner at Sultan. We live in Norristown David so if I could help with the dinner let me know.

    2. Sultan is absolutely wonderful and I have never seen more than a handful of couples on the premises in the three years we've been eating there, unless it's a Saturday evening. I don't know how they stay in business. The vegetable korma, lamb dishes and Indian breads are all excellent and the waitstaff is happy to have folks to wait on. Great for take-out as well (not from Yardley but for other folks).

      1. I know this thread is quite old now, but since I finally got up the nerve to post something after a long time lurking, I had to add my two cents. The Sultan is fabulous, I can't say enough good things about the place.

        The chicken tikka masala is so wonderful, my husband and I always order it. I have to admit, so far I have enjoyed their chicken dishes more than their lamb, which is unusual for me. (Shivnanda on Chestnut Str. in Philadelphia makes the best lamb korma I have had) We have never had a bad experience with any of the main dishes (or any dish, for that matter) we usually try something new in addition to our favorite chicken tikka masala, and have never been disappointed.

        We have had several of the appetizers, all are always wonderful, particularly the vegetable samossa and pakora, onion bhaji and paneer pakora.

        We usually get the pori, because as other posters have said, it is so very good. But we have had the garlic nan and onion kulcha and both are great as well.

        Of the vegetarian dishes, we usually order either the kabuli chana (chick peas) or malai kofta (vegetable croquettes in sauce) because they are both so good. We often consider trying something else, but love them both so much we usually fall back on our standbys. We have had the jeera aloo and didn't love it. It was really a matter of liking the other offerings much more, a matter of personal preference, I wouldn't say the dish wasn't done well.

        The service is always very friendly. The gentleman I presume to be the owner is always very attentive. The first two times we ate there, I ordered a Sprite to drink, now he always brings me a Sprite, before I even ask. One time he happened to be looking out the window and saw us arrive and had it on the table before we even got in the restaurant. It's the cutest thing.

        I agree that often it doesn't seem that they have many customers, but there does seem to be a strong takeout business, and weekend nights there is usually a private party in one of the rooms. (Which can be a fun opportunity to see some beautiful Saris)

        Oddly the time we saw the most people there was on Monday or Tuesday September 17 or 18. It was shortly after the Indian man was killed in Arizona, and we decided to patronize our favorite Indian restaurant in a very minor act of defiance, and we were also concerned they might be struggling at that time. Well, apparently a lot of other people had the same idea, the main room was packed, it was great to see. Many of the diners did seem to be regulars. (I apologize if that came across as too political, but others have shared their concern that Sultan often seems to be lacking customers, so I wanted to share that bit of news)

        So let me reiterate, Sultan is wonderful and everyone in the area should try it if they get the chance!