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Aug 20, 2001 11:22 PM


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17 brave souls took to PENANG tonight in search of good food and we found it!

Much thanks to all who attended and great big BOOS! to the 5 of you who no-showed (without even a phone call or e-mail!) For shame! You missed a hell of a repast: 13 dishes including dessert, full of flavor and big bold tastes!

My faves from the night:

Perfect greasless shrimp puffs. What shrimp toast wants to be when it grows up.

Beef Satay. Tender and perfect, with the best peanut sauce anywhere.

Roti Telur. Simple crepes folded around potatoes and red onion, dipped into a curried chicken sauce. Wow.

Buddhist Vegetables. Earthy aromatic sauce and dark mysterious vegetables. Delish.

Spicy Fried Squid. Some of the very best squid I have ever had, perfectly sweet and tender, with a sneaky spicy dusting of pure hellfire.

Mee Siam. The thinnest of noodles full of shrimp and more hellfire and some damnation. Damn good.

Kang Kung Balacong. Asian greens sauteed with shrimp paste and peanuts, I think. Irresistable and unusual.

Those were my faves. But the best thing was the mixed company. So many different personalities, so little time. And the fellow from Arizona had at least 20 of his own.

Thanks to all who attended!

Look for the announcement of the next dinner in September, to be co-hosted by Andrew Harris and Lauren Seltzer, rumor has it.

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  1. Sorry, Rich and everyone who showed.

    I knew I forgot something.
    I meant to show up tonight, I just totally forgot.
    I was telling my friends just Thursday night that
    I was going to this dinner at Penang Monday,
    and come today, it just slipped my mind.

    i hope to be at the next one.

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    1. re: herb
      David De Silva

      I too must apologize for the same mistake as Suky. I too thought to only reply if we were coming! My wife and I offer our gastronomical regrets and apologies! Perhaps next time!

      1. re: David De Silva

        The idea WAS to reply only if attending. I was just disappointed that 5 people who DID respond as attending forgot to show up! In four years of the previous DDC, I never had even ONE person no-show, I swear. Perhaps people are just busier than we all were 12 years ago, I dont know.

        but to keep the task of hosting a DDC dinner simple, let's just only respond if we attend!

        1. re: Rich Pawlak

          Oct 29, 2009, is the DDC still active and how can one join? Thanks shelly rosen

          1. re: shellyrosen

            I hadn't heard anything about the DDC for ages and thought it had died -- I would have loved to attend!

            1. re: Beulah

              wow, me too!!!

              i am part of a group that CALLS themselves the dangerous dining club, but really it's just a group of former colleagues who get together once a month for wine and food, but never too too far off the beaten path. last month we went to JNA culinary institute (blech). i'd love to meet up with something a little more... well... dangerous. :)

              for what it's worth - i run a film group and have entirely too much on my own plate to start up a DDC, but if one does get started, i highly recommend facebook as an excellent venue to discuss and set up events. that's what i use for my film group. works wonderfully. please let me know if any ambitious souls start something up!


              1. re: rabidog

                There is a specific yahoo group set up for the DDC group. The owner of the group is a frequent chowhound poster.

                I won't say anymore, since its probably against chowhound policy.


    2. Ouch. Boo well taken. I mistakenly thought the idea was to reply only if we were attending. But I looked at the invitation again and it clearly says RSVP. I apologize.

      I'm glad everyone had a good time and great food. Is there a date for September?


      1. I hang my head in shame that my first appearance on this board is an apology. I've been sitting here silent for quite a while, but I must admit to being among the forgetful. Glad you all had a good, tasty time.

        1. As two of the participants in last nights fantastic re-birth of the Dangerous Dining Club, we would like to offer our big thumbs up to Rich for his outstanding coordination of the first event.

          Everything was delicious and a good time was had by all. The food at Penang was a party in your mouth, and now I have new favorites to order next time - particuarly the shrimp puffs and the Roti crepes (What a fantastic dipping sauce). It was great meeting all of you who participated!

          We look forward to whatever Andrew and Lauren cook up for next month!!

          Anna & Tom

          1. The food at Penang was delicious and I (and I'm sure others) appreciate the time you spent pulling that together. I look forward to the next one...