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Aug 19, 2001 04:05 PM

Mexican Food

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Finally you can get a good taco in Philly without driving all to hell and gone. Fabulous, delicious, cheap, eat 'em standing in the parking lot, just like the California central valley taco trucks. Tamales para llevar. And clearly unlicensed. So, in order to protect their ability to operate (and my ability to continue eating it), I can't divulge any specific information. Find it if you can.



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  1. Gabe: i was ready to start a new post but I think I'll tag on to yours.

    Re: My search for food near Temple, I saw the Mexican Restaurant at coner of Lawerence and Girard (near 5th) called Las Cansuelas (If I read correctly as I was keeping my eyes on the road.). Looked clean and interesting. Anyone know about this? Had tables outside.


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      Gabriel Solis


      Las Cazuelas is fine, though I couldn't recomend it any higher than that. I've had tasty enough things there, but nothing spectacular. They're very nice, though.

      I think if you're up for the drive, I'd go to Taqueria La Raza for mexican lunch (unless you're vegetarian). It's in Fishtown, on Allegheny, I think. The tacos are quite tasty, and the Horchata is excellent--get the big 32 ouncer. Most refreshing in these sweltering days. Don't get anything with refried beans, they're from a can.


      1. re: Gabriel Solis

        i think you're talking about a little joint in my neighborhood, parking lot sounds right, off a big, heavy traffic street, in the midst of another culture's cuisine, right? the whole neighborhood's suddenly mega-mexican, which is great.
        i've been too wimpy to go there tho, as a woman and non-mexican, with only very rudimentary spanish. any tips?

        1. re: joolie
          Gabriel Solis

          Sounds right.

          Go in. Go in. Don't be intimidated. Some of them speak english and they're all super nice.


    2. C'mon Gabe, SHARE!!!!!You are MEAN to tempt us with tales of great tamales and not tell us where to get them.I have been known to drive hundreds of miles for a tamale sabrosa. I am a Mexican food fiend (go often to Mexico to cook and eat) and I wanna know what you found! This is cruel and unusual punishment for a tamale lover like me.I'd share and will share with you.

      1. Since I just made 100+ tamales with pork and nopales (and lard!) for my 40th birthday party, I can't say I'm dying for Mexican right now... but any hints you'd share would be much appreciated ;-)