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Aug 9, 2001 06:19 PM

Best Bets in Pittsburgh

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Going to be in Pittsburgh for a couple of days next week. Where should I go? I've been previously and ate at Le Mont and The Common Plea. I've read interesting things about Primanti Bros. and The Original Oyster House; any other local favorites that should be considered (preferably downtown, on the southside, or in the airport area)?

Also have to go to Wheeling WV one day. Any recommendations, apart from eating in Pittsburgh before I go?

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  1. I'm from Pittsburgh myself...Pirmanti's is OK, but if your looking for the best sandwich shop in town head over to FatHeads. Its located on East Carson St in the South Side. I've been there 30+ times and haven't been disapointed yet. Get a headwhich, you'll be happy.

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      in downtown, try lemongrass for vietnamese/cambodian. accross the street is kenny b's for cuban (i haven't tried it though).

      if you can make it out there, Elsworth ave in shady side has some good eats: fajita grill for mexican, soba (if it has reopend) for asian-fusion, and this frenchy-mediterranean place that is pricy but worth it (similar to pino and casbah).

    2. I'm going to naysay on Fat Head's. I went there for the first time this Saturday, as an out-of-town visitor. We all liked our food. Granted, only one of us got a Headwich (about which the poorly laid-out menu is oddly reticent) and it was big but not HOLY COW!! big. The food was good but not remotely "you've GOTTA go!" good. Or maybe it was very good but the music was gratuitously loud (WHY?)

      I always think it's silly when people post about or wonder about the bathrooms. The men's bath room at Fat Head's, however, is egregiously horrible, a shambles. Bad, in that way that makes you wonder about the level of day-to-day attention the management devotes to the place.

      It turned out to be one of those "Sorry, I heard this place was great" places. Wouldn't try it again unless I heard they've fixed the bathrooms. Seriously.

      1. I live in Pittsburgh and I wouldn't say Fat Heat's is a "must try" place. It's a nice option to have when you live here, but Primanti's is definitely more appropriate for visitors. Kind of like how you have to go to Carnegie Deli at least once in NYC, you've gotta try Primanti's. Primanti's serves something you can't get in other cities, FatHeads has loaded up burgers etc.

        On the South Side, Pizza Visuvio, aprrox. at Carson and 15th street has excellent pizza and they serve it by the slice. Open until at least 2 am it makes a nice snack or cheap lunch or dinner.

        1. If you are looking a typical pittsburgh lunch, I would recommend Peppi's over Primanti's (which IMO is only good for 2 AM drunken munchies). They have several locations, but the one on western avenue on the northside is worth checking out if only for a peek at the highly decorated back courtyard.

          On the southside I highly recommend Cafe du Jour on Carson Street. It's a small and informal and tends toward the very cheap. Get the portobella's a broth soup, not creamy like most mushroom soups, and incredibly flavorful.

          1. I agree with Cafe du Jour but not about the VERY cheap part. Lunch shouldn't cost more than $10, but dinner isn't VERY cheap. I'm not saying the place is extremely expensive, but it's not very cheap.

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              I've only been there twice (sadly I moved away shortly after discovering it) and both times I was there for lunch. So I guess you're probably right.