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Aug 9, 2001 06:01 PM

Chowhound French/Vietnamese BYOB Find!

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A friend and I had a truly spectacular dinner at Le Me Toujours in Marlton recently. It is located at 515 Route 73, just a little south of the Marlton Circle at Route 70. It's in a small strip mall next to a leather furniture shop. The food, atmosphere and service were absolutely outstanding! For those of you that are fond of Nan in West Philly, this place will absolutely give it a run for it's money. We began the meal with a lovely seafood soup that was a clear broth studded with several shrimp, and pineapple chunks. Absolutely phenomenal! It was sweet, sour, spicy and tangy all at once. A spinach salad came with honeyed pecans and pears and a yummy vinaigrette dressing. The appetizers were also very tasty - we tried two different types of dumplings - one stuffed with a shrimp and crab mousse and the other was called a "golden pouch" and was a lovely little beggar's purse tied shut with a chive and filled with vegetables. We shared a salmon filet topped with their signature macadamia crusted crab cake (also available as a menu item) with an apricot and cognac sauce. Everything was beautifully presented, the servings were of reasonable size and the flavors were perfectly balanced. We skipped dessert, but I know that they get their desserts from a wonderful bakery in Westmont called Patisserie de Manille. The owner of the bakery is actually the one that told me about the restuarant. This has to be the best new places I have tried in quite some time. I'm just sorry I waited so long!

The owners were kind enough to provide me with menus that they have used in the past for group dinners. I'd like to propose this as a spot for a future (hopefully SOON) Chowhound dinner gathering. The fact that it's BYOB makes it much easier for the group and for those who might not wish to imbibe. Anyone else interested?

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  1. Several friends who live in Marlton and Medford have told me about this place, and your review echoes their raves.

    I think it would make a terrific location for a Chowhound DDC dinner, but I hope we can try another cuisine or two in the next few months before venturing to another Asian spot right after our dinner at PENANG on Aug 20. Hopefully we can discuss the next few months' dinners on Aug 20. Hope you'll be there!

    1. We have eaten at Le Me Toujours several times; it has always been excellent.
      The only reason I haven't listed it as a favorite is because of its location.
      For those who love sushi-grade tuna, theirs is exceptional. I am particular about where I order it, and it is not always great - when it is, it's marvelous.
      This place is a bit more expensive (not terrible) than some of our other favorites, but well worth the price.