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Nov 2, 2001 12:25 PM

Whatever happened to Alfred Shilling?

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Had dinner @ Zuni last night and noticed that the Alfred Schilling space had changed. I couldn't read the new name, but there was definitely a new awning, and it didn't look like the same name? Does anyone know the scoop? I used to love his confections & desserts -- which rescued a few of my dinners when my dessert flopped or I just didn't have the time.

Anyway, if anyone has some info -- either about what happened to Alfred Shilling -- or what the new place is -- I'd really appreciate it.

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  1. Alfred Shilling closed about a month ago. According to the Chronicle this week a new bakery called DeLessio Market & Bakery opened in the spot.


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      actually, I walked by there yesterday and they've pushed their opening to next week--Nov. 6th. It's going to be a pastry shop/prepared foods take-out place.

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      Zach Georgopoulos

      Actually, I do have the inside track on this one. Alfred is looking for new space and wants to open up a European style chocolaterie -- he wants to get back to his chocolate making roots and out of the restaurant biz. The Market St. location itself had tons of problems that had made the chocolate works downstairs come to a halt, which is why his confections haven't been available in stores for quite some time.

      1. When I spoke with Alfred a couple of weeks before the restaurant closed, he indicated that he was looking for a new space and hoped to have it open before the end of the year. Don't know how that stands now, not having heard any news since then.

        I really miss Alfred Schilling's. And if he's not going to open a restaurant (just a chocolate shop), how will I get my Salmon Goldfingers? :-)