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Jul 28, 2001 07:59 AM

John's Doggie Shop--any opinions?

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When driving to the PHL airport, can't help but notice John's Doggie Shop on 322 in Boothwyn. Like many potentially great Chowhound experiences, it looks like hell.

Not sure if it's dumpy-hideous or dumpy-authentic. Haven't driven by at a good time to try it, and haven't gone out of my way to go there either. Anyone been here? Opinions?

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  1. I have not been to John's in a couple of years, but my meals there were great. They got a meat gravy for the dogs which is fantastic!! There is(or was) a connection with the always amazing Charlie's hamburgers off Rt 420. A good sign

    1. I have been eating John's Doggies for at least 60 yrs.Probably was one of my first non baby food meal.You haven't eaten a hot dog yet until you eat 1 with the works,the only way to eat them.It's a meat sauce like nothing you have ever had.Growing up you couldn't walk by there without having at least one.I used to spend most of my allowance on them.The original store is in Chester on 7th st by the newstand.I prefer the one on rt 322 now.The best way to eat them is to get them to go,they taste better when they are wrapped,then open and eat.I usually get 8 dogs my wife 4,by the time I get home I have eaten about 6 go into hose finish what's left,then usually eat a couple of my wife's.I just want to warn you they are additive AND I MEAN IT!!!! 2ND TO NO ONE!!!!

      1. 4 Grease Stains on Holly's dumpy-authentic for sure and the hot dogs are really good. Be sure to get the sauce. Haven't been there in awhile and it sounds really tasty right about now! It's probably the best "Texas Weiner" you can get in this area.

        1. I just noticed one the other day on Rt. 202 in Wilmington. I'd never heard of the chain before. Sounds like it's worth a try when there's a craving for hot dogs.

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            I went to the one on 202 on Saturday. Not too impressed, really--the dogs were only OK, nothing really to shout about. I had a plain beef hot dog, and Mr travelmad478 had something with Texas in the name, which was a hot dog wrapped in bacon and then deep-fried and covered with pump cheese. ("Yech!" was my reaction to that whole concept, but I am certainly not their target customer!) He said this was fine, but not worth coming back for. The hot dogs are no better than Hebrew National from the supermarket. Fries were pretty good, the best part of the meal IMO. I liked them better than the vaunted Five Guys fries.

            This place is not dumpy-authentic in the least, by the way. It seems to be a spanking-new franchised operation.

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              The place on route 202 you are referring to is not John's Doggie Shop, but a brand new chain joint which is similarly named "Johnnie's Dog House". There are only two locations of John's Doggie Shops, that being the rt. 322 (the one I frequent) and the one on 7th in Chester, PA. I tried the place you are mentioning, and while decent, it is a chain and doesn't hold a candle anywhere near John's Doggie Shop. John's (not Johnnie's) has what I consider the best hot dogs around... wlocke2's post above basically hits the nail on the head. I, as well, have been visiting there my whole life - and honestly, I'd even go as far to say they get better with age! Although, I prefer eating them in, both ways of experience these dogs is fantastic. The sauce that goes on them is unlike anything else, and is what makes these dogs unique and that much better. I'm telling you, after eating these so much, having regular chili style topping on a hot dog just won't cut it anymore. Make sure you hit the real John's, travelmad, odds are you won't be dissapointed.

              John's Doggie Shop -
              Johnnie's Dog House -

              1. re: condoralex

                Aha--good to know. Unfortunately, I have never had occasion to travel that road in the 13 years that I've lived in the area, and I doubt I'd do it just for a hot dog (if it were a superlative pizza, I might!)

                1. re: condoralex

                  There is a place in Norristown called Montgomery Lunch. They used to have what is called a Texas Hot Wiener, they changed ownership and it hasn't been the same. I went to John's Doggie Shop on 322 and it was just as good or better. The sauce they use is unbelievable, I recommend getting it with the works!!!!!!

            2. I've never been to John's but Wally's Wiener World on 322 / Conchester Rd. has great Hot Dogs. I think they have 45 different types of topping combinations.

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                I noticed a couple of years ago that local celeb Wally had expanded from his single cart location in front of the Chester County Courthouse to a "bricks-and-mortar" (okay, shingle and nails) spot on Rt. 322. After all these years, and all of Wally's national fame (hasn't he been on Letterman and on Jeopardy?), I've never tried one of his hot dogs. Are they any good?