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Jul 10, 2001 05:27 PM

Pittsburgh's best veggie options?

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Moving to Pittsburgh and I have read several short bursts of interest on this board about good Pittsburgh restaurants. Now I'd like to hear about the primo vegetarian options in the city. What places have enough non-meat/non-fish choices so a group of vegetarians can go together and order several dishes to share? Basically, I would appreciate suggestions on your favorite meat-free dishes/restaurants. Thanks.

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  1. I'm not veggie but I can recommend a few houndish options. The Zenith Tea Room on the South side (off carson, on 26 or 27 st) is all veggie and will do vegan if you ask. Very funky, part antique shop, part hippie tearoom, great sunday brunch. In Shadyside, La Feria, a tiny peruvian restaurant/gift shop above Pamela's, always has a couple of excellent vegetarian options and the salad is great. A couple of Indian: Sree's is on Murray Ave. in Squirrel hill and I think also the main one is in Sharpsburg; Mr. Sree also runs one of the food trucks that sells lunch to the hungry mobs of students over at CMU. I think either all veggie or mostly. He's a really nice guy, good food. Then there's the secret Indian place an Indian friend told us about, called Udipi Cafe. If you can find it, believe me, you will be the only non-Indian there, and it will be crowded with families. It serves unusual food from I think the southern coastal area of India, strictly vegetarian. It looks like an autobody shop, and is located in the back of beyond: I looked up the address for the intrepid chowhound, it's 4141 Old William Penn Highway, Monroeville, (412)3735581. But when you get lost (and you WILL, old william penn highway is like a hidden highway) and call with your cellphone for directions, good luck finding anyone who speaks english to give them.... when we finally got there, I had some delicious unusual pancakes of some sort, filled with vegetables, and a pistachio yogurt kind of sauce that was unlike the fare at any of the other indian places. Happy hunting!

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      I was only in Pittsburgh for one summer without a car, but one of my favorite places to go was Mad Mex, near the Pitt campus. They have several deliciously spicy Tex-Mex type burrito and other dishes that are vegetarian. They also played an eclectic mix of music- think classical to electronica and had a good hang-out atmosphere. And as I remember, some things were half-priced after a certain time. Obviously, some of my memory has bee clouded by tequila, but I can testify that the spinach burrito was plety flavorful, and far better than the usual hot dogs of the neighborhood.