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Nov 1, 2001 11:49 PM

Are you a wise chowhounder? read this

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Go ahead spread your wisdom
Hi! I'm doing an article for my journalism class on chowhounding and I need some good chowhoundish quotes for my article.
What I mean is that if you are a passionate chowhound want to have a voice go ahead and answer these questions (or say whatever you want). ITS TOTALLY FINE if you just want to put a one or two word answer.
And DONT WORRY, this is just from my journalism class, NOT some big newspaper.

**What do you find most enjoyable about chowhounding? Why does it interest you so much?

**When chowhounding, how do you go about it? What sorts of things do you look for in order to find that delicious dish?

**Any useful tips on chowhounding?

OR WRITE WHAT EVER YOU WANT (i dont' mean to yell or anything)

P.S. It would be great if you could included where your from and your first name (so I could be like 'Jason from San Franciso says...')

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  1. Hey ChowDawg,

    You probably would have had more success on the general Chowhound board. I was cruising through the hot posts in the new section from the main chowhound page and I came across the link that I've listed below (thanks to Jim Leff for posting the link). It is a smorgasboard of chow-wisdom that I think will be very useful to you. Also, note the way in which the question was asked. Your question came on a little too strong (the only reason I can think of you not getting replied to sooner) and could have been posted in a better forum within Chowhound (though I remain in awe of the Chow-wisdom on the Bay Area board). Good writing ChowDawg.