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Jul 7, 2001 03:21 PM

Goat cheese at Head House Farmer's Market

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The Farmer's market at Head House Square is back! Saturdays from 10AM-2PM on 2nd Street between Pine and South Streets there are farmer/vendors with lovely fresh produce and fresh baked goods as well as my personal favorite - the Goat Cheese dude! He actually told me his name today but it sort of flew by too quickly and I was embarassed to ask again. However, he can be reached via e-mail at (and no, his name isn't Shlomo). I mentioned the Chowhounds board to him and he thought it sounded interesting. I purchased a tub of Herb d'Provence flavored cheese that I will be quaffing some lovely Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc alongside. I can hardly wait!

There is another Farmer's Market at Front & Market Streets also on Saturdays at the same times. Further information about urban Farmer's Markets can be obtained by calling Farmer's Market Trust at 215-568-0830 or e-mailing them at:

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  1. Katie: I think we need to clarify that the "Farmers Market" at "Head House" is:

    1) really not ad Head House Square (that's where Craft stands are), it's the next block south and

    2) there are usually 5-6 vendors. Not a lot and not enought to make a trip into the city for. Do you know which different ones are at Front and Market?

    The other one, actually the same smoked fish guy as South 2nd St., is Tuesdays at Passyunk and South 2-7pm. Mostly differentr dealers.


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      I call it the Head House Farmer's Market because that's what all the "official" advertising by the sponsors call it. I have always included the instruction that it is betwen Pine and South Streets on 2nd Street proper. While there were very few vendors there yesterday, there have been as many as a dozen different vendors there in past summers. I wouldn't recommend anyone make a special trip into the city for it, but it's a nice thing to know about if you live in or will be visiting the area on any given Saturday.

      I didn't even know that the Front & Market alternative existed until I received a postcard from the Farmer's Market trust, so I haven't explored that one yet and don't know which vendors are there. I certainly find the market on 2nd Street superior to the one on Passyunk Avenue on Tuesdays (?), since I prefer vendors of actual produce and farm products to toiletries, natural soaps and other items I could easily find elsewhere and don't need to be "fresh".

      1. re: Katie Benes
        Gabriel Solis

        Actually, I was a little thrown by this too. I went to the place I expected to find a farmer's market and found crafts vendors. Thankfully one of the vendors pointed out the small bunch of produce people down the block and i got some goat cheese. It's pretty good. Gotta try the cheese from the guy who occasionally comes to the Clark Park market and see which I like better.

        This brings up my main reason for posting, though: why these sad little "farmer's markets"? Is this the best Philly can do? No, I know, there are farmers who sell at Reading terminal and they have somewhat more to offer, but, well, I guess as a CA transplant, I just have a thing about big, out-door markets where you can buy lots of really great, fresh, locally grown produce from the farmers who grew it at reasonable prices.

        So much for a bit of griping. On the other hand, I can't wait till the Lancaster Co. people bring the coming season's apples into town!!!!