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Jul 7, 2001 02:54 PM

Tierra Colombiana - Excellent homestyle Latino food!

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Went there last night for the first time and we were very impressed. The quality of the food, portions and prices are all outstanding. This restaurant has been mentioned many times on this board and for good reason. I had 2 Colombian dishes (tamales and steak Colombiano) while my wife had 2 Cuban (empanadas and roast pork) and all were excellent. One can easily eat here for $15-20 pp for three courses! As far as the neighborhood goes, we did NOT feel unsafe at all.

This would indeed make a great place for the DDC to go as it could easily fit a large party. I stopped into Berlengas Island (a few blocks away) and this place was much smaller and had even more of an ethnic feel to it. You might be able to fit 20-25 people in the dinning area on the bottom floor.

We will be returning to Tierra Colombiana, often I'm sure, and would also like to try the nightclub which opens at 9pm on weekends.

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  1. David:

    Buen Provecho! How nice that you finally had the opportunity to try Tierra Colombiana. I agree that it would be an excellent choice for a Chowhounds get together. There is plenty of room and it is very reasonable.

    I tried the nightclub upstairs after my birthday party in March and found it excruciatingly loud. The metal detectors at the front door weren't the most welcoming sight to me either. We left after only one drink. But it might be more to your taste than mine.

    1. I agree David! I think Tierra Columbiana would make a great gathering, especially when we get up to steam and have a nice large group to play with. I had similar concerns with Berlengas Island, although the Portuguese food is quite good. That lower level room is small but cool, and there might be a language barrier to arranging a dinner there.

      Your birthday this month too? Mine is Monday, the 9th. I think we'll be finding a lot of Cancers on Chowhound!