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Jul 1, 2001 12:15 PM

Triangle Tavern is no more!

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Article on Page B1 of today's Inquirer. The Triangle Tavern in South Philly has closed. I wonder where the "band" will play next.

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  1. I can't really say this information stunned me. Unfortunately, this place has been relying on it's reputation and the faithful neighborhood customers for far too long. The only reason to go there in the last several years *was* to hear the band. That's great if you are a nightclub, but a death knell if you are marketing yourself as a restaurant. There's far better pizza at Tacconelli's and far better "red gravy-South Philly cuisine" at Ralph's or almost anywhere else. Harsh, but a tragic reality. I wish the owners the best of luck in the sale and hopefully the space will be taken over by someone with newer ideas and innovations. Maybe a new Chowhound favorite? We can only hope...

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      Richard Pawlak

      I will miss the Triangle. Best mussels anywhere, before Monk's Cafe opened. And I did love their gravy and gnocchi, and the pizza was decent. Sad, very sad, what had happened to that place. Huge article in the Saturday NY Times, scooping the Inquirer. No surprise there.

      1. re: Richard Pawlak

        I haven't been to the Triangle since the late sixties but I agree that they were the best mussels in the city and the trio was something else altogether.
        Does anyone remember a book called "never eat out on a saturday night" by jim quinn. I would like to find a copy.

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          It's listed at, though you might have to wait for it. There's one buyer waiting. There's a link for used, but I didn't click it.


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            Thanks, I ordered a used copy.