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Nov 1, 2001 05:34 PM

Mambo-Mambo, Oakland

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This place has been boarded up with flies buzzing around the doorway for as long as I've been working here (7 months) and now all of a sudden there was a guy today handing out menus and the flies are gone. It's at 1803 Webster at 19th, and I assume it is sort of Caribbean cuisine, though I've never had that so I don't know what it is like. The menu looks intriquing, with Chicken, Fish, Steak all served with rice, beans, and vegies, ribs, beef brochettes, and breakfast fare as well. Prices $6-7 for entrees and they have fried plantains among other things as a side. Never had those before. The architecture looks like it might be pretty cool inside, though I didn't look in.

Anyone tried this place yet? I'm not sure how long it's been open, but it can't be that long. Their phone on the menu is 510-465-5658. I'm going to check it out soon myself and wouldn't mind knowing what to expect a bit. It's a big event when places open around here in Oakland as it isn't the most vibrant of downtowns.


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  1. I was involved in the re-opening, we wanted it to be a dinner club with entertainment, IE: Comedy, DJ Dance, Live Bands. The guy that holds the lease is the poorest manager I have ever met and told the cook to start making African food instead of the lite california fusion food our cook was making with pretty nice results.

    In short, we put a lot of work into getting that kitchen back together, and now it's just a dance club on the weekends. So much for fun and nightly entertainment in downtown once more.