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Jun 23, 2001 04:14 PM

One More Northern Bucks County Request

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I live in Easton. There's one outstanding restaurant here, Cavallo's. But there should be other great restaurants on 611 or 32 between here and New Hope and/or Doylestown. Doesn't anyone know anything? I see only Richlandtown Inn in previous postings. Thanks in advance.

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    David De Silva

    I would suggest the Black Bass Hotel in Lumberville and the exquisite (but very expensive) Evermay on the Delaware in Erwinna. On the NJ side there's always the Frenchtown Inn in Frenchtown and the Harvest Moon Inn in Ringoes. All of these offer very elegant dining in a very "Bucks County" setting, and all are not cheap for sure. I'm sure there are more gems in upper Bucks Co. and across the river in NJ.

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      I very much agree on the recommendations of the Black Bass Inn and Evermay, both are elegant and gracious and have very fine food. Each course at Evermay is like a work of art - the portions aren't large but are exquisite - expect to spend at least two hours for the six-course (or is it seven?) meal - it's "prix fixe" - and the kind of place to go to make an evening special. Evermay has a website to view the menu and such. Arrive early to stroll the garden and grounds and enjoy the historic building. It's the best - period.

      I believe the Black Bass was a meeting place for Tories during the Revolution. Dine overlooking the Delaware River. I can't comment on the food - too many years since I've been there - was excellent.

      There are loads of fine eateries in northern/central Bucks. Add to the list:

      The Oyster House in Milford NJ - great food, selection, and atmosphere at a reasonable price - known for its seafood dishes - try the steamed mussels - highly recommended. They have a website where you can see menus and such.

      Chef Tel's Manor House in Upper Black Eddy - belongs to TV-famous Chef Tel - was great for brunch, have not had dinner there yet. Haven't been there in a while.

      The Cuttalossa Inn in Lumberville - fine food and atmosphere - in warm seasons dine outside on the patio with a view of the waterfall - has an outside bar in some old stone ruins - highly recommended.

      Villa Richard in Rieglesville - elegant from what I'm told - never tried it - heard good reports. Rocker Rod Stewart used to dine there when in the area - a man of discriminating taste, I've read.

      The Golden Pheasant in Erwinna - have not been there for years, but was excellent - specializes in French cuisine - expensive and elegant - dine in the former greenhouse/arboretum.

      The Bell House in Franconia southeast of Quakertown - excellent finely prepared food at reasonable cost - sauces seem to be a specialty - atmosphere is quite casual but very nice in the hearth room - during the Revolution, the Liberty Bell was hidden here overnight on its way to Allentown - highly recommended

      Ye Olde Temperance House in Newtown - haven't tried it but heard good reports.

      Doylestown Inn - haven't tried it in years, but was quite good and reasonable - lots of famous folks used to frequent the place.

      The Brick Tavern near Quakertown - food is usually very good and the atmosphere is pleasant.

      Plumsteadville Inn in Plumsteadville - old historic inn with very good food - steaks are the specialty if I remember correctly - recommended.

      Sign of the Sorrel Horse in Doylestown - haven't been there in years, but had excellent gourmet food.

      Bubba's Potbelly Stove in Quakertown - good food and casual atmosphere - known for its French onion soup - really good burgers too.

      I hope the above helps.

      Finally, see for sites about some of these places and contact info.

      1. re: Greg

        I forgot another good one:

        Stockton Inn in Stockton, NJ - had a wonderful delicious lunch there last year - elegant and expensive - the outdoor courtyard was very pleasant on a warm day.

        I also concur about the Frenchtown Inn - another good place - had a very good lunch there years back.

        Correction on that web site given in the prior reply:
        then click on "Restaurants"