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Jun 9, 2001 08:41 AM

Pancakes at Blue in Green

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I was planning on the Down Home Diner and Carman's for our 2 breakfasts in Philly, but what kind of pancakes besides plain, buttermilk and blueberry (and silver dollar) does Blue in Green offer?

I really wish I could find an Original Pancake House on this trip, I loved their sourdough pancakes I had in Birmingham last year!



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  1. I haven't been to Blue and Green but the Fresh Fruit Pancakes (short stake is more than one could eat at $3.50) at Morning Glory is a real deal! They are HUGE!!! Made freshly by "Al".


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    1. re: Steve
      Douglas Weller

      Thanks Steve,

      On the whole though I think that the Down Home Diner for one breakfast, and Carman's on Saturday, will be our choices.


      1. re: Douglas Weller

        I have found that breakfast at either BLUE IN GREEN location to be quite good, ESPECIALLY their pancakes! I am quite fussy about pancakes in general, but BIG's hit all the right notes for me: impossibly light, yet substantial and full of wheat flavor. Real maple syrup too.

        Still in my estimation the BEST panckaes in the Philly metro area have to be from PJ'S PANCAKE HOUSE on NAssau St. in Princeton, NJ, and absolute landmark in that town, and powerfully good!

        1. re: Rich Pawlak

          Hey, I just read on that Blue and Green is finally reopening, on 12th & Chestnut.

          1. re: Rachel H

            Blue in Green has reopened and the pancakes are as good as they were at the former locations. The place looks more like a bakery -- which it is as well, with delicious looking cookies and cupcakes. There are 4 stools at a counter, a table for two inside and another outside. It's more of a take-out place than his former sit-down restaurants. You can eat in even if seating is at a premium.