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JB Nov 1, 2001 12:33 AM

I used to get tuna-sized tins of caviar out on Geary at one of the Russian deli's for ridiculously low prices.

Last year around this time I went back, as is the custom around the holidays, only to find my favorite place boarded up.

Crestfallen, I scoured the neighborhood looking for another caviar deal. No luck.

Does anyone have sources of medium to high grade caviar (sevruga) at reasonable prices?

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  1. j
    Jupiter RE: JB Nov 1, 2001 12:50 PM

    How low is "ridiculously low"?
    This is a place that was recommended to me by one of the posters on this board:
    Polarica. It is here in SF and supplies restarunts, so you can buy gourmet food at wholesale prices. They have a take out counter, and they look like there are always closed, but you have to ring the bell ,cause they are not.

    Link: http://www.polarica.com/public_html/w...

    1. t
      Tom Hilton RE: JB Nov 1, 2001 06:37 PM

      Have you tried the place on Clement between 32nd & 33rd? Low prices on lots of Russian imported goods, but I don't know about caviar specfically. Seems like one of the many Russian delis on Geary ought to have something, but it sounds like you checked those.

      1. m
        Marilayne RE: JB Nov 2, 2001 11:47 AM

        Check out this local caviar.I have tried the Sterling
        Premium and thought it very good. I think you can get it at Dean and DeLuca or order it online.

        Link: http://www.sterlingcaviar.com/store/

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