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Nov 1, 2001 12:33 AM


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I used to get tuna-sized tins of caviar out on Geary at one of the Russian deli's for ridiculously low prices.

Last year around this time I went back, as is the custom around the holidays, only to find my favorite place boarded up.

Crestfallen, I scoured the neighborhood looking for another caviar deal. No luck.

Does anyone have sources of medium to high grade caviar (sevruga) at reasonable prices?

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  1. How low is "ridiculously low"?
    This is a place that was recommended to me by one of the posters on this board:
    Polarica. It is here in SF and supplies restarunts, so you can buy gourmet food at wholesale prices. They have a take out counter, and they look like there are always closed, but you have to ring the bell ,cause they are not.


    1. Have you tried the place on Clement between 32nd & 33rd? Low prices on lots of Russian imported goods, but I don't know about caviar specfically. Seems like one of the many Russian delis on Geary ought to have something, but it sounds like you checked those.

      1. Check out this local caviar.I have tried the Sterling
        Premium and thought it very good. I think you can get it at Dean and DeLuca or order it online.