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May 1, 2001 11:06 AM

Food and Lodging Ideas Near Pa./ W. Va. Border Off I70?

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Does anyone have suggestions for a reasonable motel and good places to eat in this area? I'm on my way to Worthington, Ohio. Any ideas en route will be much appreciated.

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  1. I just made a stopover on a Philadelphia-Midwest trip a few weeks ago in Wheeling WV-- right downtown!

    The hotel was a Best Western, the Wheeling Inn. Nothing fancy, a five-story motel (outside entrances to rooms after emerging from the elevator core) astride the Ohio River, just two blocks from the I-70 exit. Tab for one night was less than $60 with an AAA or AARP or similar discount, including all taxes. The "continental breakfast" included can (and should) be missed.

    What made the stay interesting was the location and, more particularly, the restaurant on the first floor, the Riverside. Food so-so, same with the service. But it had an outdoor terrace on the river with a great view of a rather unique suspension bridge over the Ohio, which is illuminated most pleasantly.

    For a big suspension bridge, it's rather early. Most of the larger suspension bridges in the U.S. were built in the 1880s and thereafter. This one was erected in the 1840s. My guess is that it was originally a railroad bridge.

    Again, the food at the restaurant is just passable, the server staff friendly but inexperienced, the rooms at the motel clean but basic. But on a warm spring or summer evening, the restaurant is a pleasant spot to down a few beers or drinks and get a filling meal.

    PS: The hotel is right in downtown Wheeling (such as it is), so DO NOT take the I-470 bypass, which avoids downtown.

    Worthington is probably only a 3-1/2 - 4 hour drive away from Wheeling.

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      I would reccommend the Washington, PA area over Wheeling. Washington is right on Rt. 70, about 30 miles east of Wheeling. They have a brand new Marriot (Springfield, I think) right in the complex of the Walmart/Cracker Barrel/Appleby's, etc. If you want a REALLY good meal, there's a restaurant called King of The Hill about 10 minutes east of Washington, also right on rt 70. Best prime rib I've ever had.

      1. re: Ruth

        Come to think of it, there's Wilson Lodge, in Olgebay Park, very near Wheeling. It's just east of Wheeling, and is on top of a hill in the middle of a golf course. They have a restaurant in the building (long time since I've eaten there, but I remember it as being good, breakfast bar, too.) Indoor pool, hot tub, etc.
        Take the exit for Olgebay Park off rt 70, and follow the signs up the hill, also the signs to Wilson Lodge once you're in the park.
        If you decide to do this, and need more directions, e-me and I'll try to find an exit number.

        1. re: Ruth

          I stayed there for a five day zoo biology course (another story) about 6,7 years ago. You're pretty isolated from other eateries. No great shakes in my book and food just adequate. I don't think it's worth the detour from a more updated Mariott, unless you want to walk in the woods. Which is nice, but doesn't seem the point for a short overnight.

        2. re: Ruth

          breezy heights tavern just outside of washington has some of the best fried chicken you will ever have...dine in the old portion and you can have a private room or very private not skip this place!!

      2. (1) there are some good eating ideas, of the casual variety, on the HollyEats website.

        (2) Ziens restaurant, of Pierogi fame highlighted on that website, appears to be closed, however.

        (3) quite good food, 4 mi E of Washington on PA Rte 136 at the Spring House in Eighty-Four PA, a Dairy, bakery, Soda Fountain and restaurant. Pies and other desserts particularly and their homemade icecream is reputed to be good. I liked my Reuben, eggy mac salad and coconut cream pie - husband's BBQ pork sandwich and baked beans were just too sweet for us.

        (4) just west of Wheeling on I-70, Mehlman's cafeteria in St. Clairsville. VERY traditional, inexpensive middle-american with broad selection (i.e. 4 kinds of molded jello, baked custard) at cheap price, large meal for 3 was around $20 total. Veg sides, even lima beans were good. We were there on Sunday at noon, and it was mobbed.

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