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Apr 27, 2001 10:44 PM

Mother's Day Brunch for Bubbie!

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Can I get some recommendations for a Mother's Day brunch/lunch in Philly to take my Sr Citizen mother to. We'll be coming into town from NY.
Prefer something in or near NE Philly.


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  1. Hi NYer:

    I have no personal experience with choices in NE Philly but there's always the White Dog Cafe in West Philly (34th & Sansom - right across from Penn Law School) that has a lovely brunch. The restaurant is divided into different rooms with funky antiques and lacy curtains, etc. Food is fresh, seasonal and well prepared and service is generally excellent. The shrimp grits is divine and your caloric/fat gram intake for a week! If you don't mind driving a little northward, Odette's in New Hope is also an exceelent choice and you could go strolling and antiqueing through New Hope after brunch!

    Other places I've heard good reports about but have not personally eaten at are Cafette on Ardleigh Street in Chestnut Hill (BYOB and CASH only), or Cresheim Cottage Cafe on Germantown Avenue. Those might be a little more geographically desirable to you, but as I said, I can only go by what I've been told. Perhaps you should call the restaurants and ask first if they aren't booked already (Mother's Day is a NIGHTMARE for brunch) and second if they might fax you a menu so you can get a better idea what the food is like. Good luck and please report back where you went. Chowhounds are always looking for a good brunch haunt!

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    1. re: Katie Benes

      Among several culinary disappointments in New Hope, Odette's was right up there! Admittedly, I haven't been there in a number of years; however, the first time it was simply mediocre. The second time, it was dreadful! I guess I was lured back by the location and charm of the place. Unless there's been a change in kitchen management I would stay away!

      I love going to New Hope. I eat in Lambertville or Lahaska.

    2. We may have found a place - La Padella in NE Philly. Sounds good, anyway, based on info I have read.

      Any opinions on that?

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      1. re: NYer
        David De Silva

        If you are considering Italian food in NE Philly, also check out Moonstruck which I believe is on Oxford Ave. in the Oxford Circle section. They have good food and a nice atmosphere. Unfortunately I can't comment on La Padella, having never eaten there.