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Oct 31, 2001 07:10 PM

Good food near Alamo Square?

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I'll be visiting SF this coming month after a day at Half Moon Bay. We're staying at the Archbishop's Mansion in Alamo Square with a car, but would rather walk to places if possible. Are there any recommendations of nearby restaurants for lunch? Or, if we need to drive, places that have parking available? Almost any type of food will do. We haven't yet decided on where to have our anniv dinner (so many choices!) but I think I can figure those out from reading other posts on this board. I'm looking now for good, but not too expensive other meals to check out before heading back out of the city.

Thanks much!

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  1. Helen, I noticed that no one has answered you request, so I'll just say that you might consider picking your favorite choices for dinner and getting a cab. Lunch would be a different deal, but since it gets dark so early now, I probably wouldn't consider walking in that area at night. That might be because I'm old and can't run as fast, but you will enjoy the experience more if you don't have a parking hassel, or have to trek up a hill after enjoying a nice dinner with wine.

    For a not too expensive anniversary dinner, it would be helpful if you would narrow your likes and dislikes a little for suggestions. If you aren't looking for a dimly lit romantic place you might consider Fringale, which serves Basque/French food and is an attractive small restaurant, and a very good value. The chef, Gerald Hirigoyen also has a Provencal restaurant closer to the Embarcadero. Actually, I believe you can still park in the bank parking lot across the street at night at Fringale. Maybe someone who has been there recently could comment. It is on 4th St. south of Market. Bizou, with rustic French/CA dishes is right next door and is also good, more crowded tables, more noise (but not too much) and nice lighting. I recently posted a comment on Jardiniere and that would be nice, too. You could park in the Performing Arts Garage on Grove St. if you are earlier than the concert/opera goers. Jardiniere is only a few steps away. You need reservations a bit ahead though. Aquerello is not inexpensive, but the food is very good and it is small and more intimate. There is a parking lot across the street, for a fee.

    For luch, wouldn't you want to go somewhere near where you will be during the day? Let us know where that might be (generally, of course).

    Will you be in the City over the weekend or during the week? And just how inexpensive did you want the restaurants to be? The places I mentioned would be $$ with Jardiniere being the most expensive (though I didn't see the bill ).
    I hope you have a nice visit and anniversary dinner, whatever you choose.

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    1. re: Ann Leneave

      Thanks for the advice. After searching through some websites like Citysearch and SFGate, looks like the area around Alamo Square isn't food-friendly. I was hoping to stay in that area for lunch before leaving the hotel but I guess no luck! We're planning to be in Union Square so we'll just go earlier and grab lunch too. I will check around the board for some suggestions over there.

      1. re: Helen Key

        Actually Helen, i live in that area, and i guess i mis-read you query, but there are some very nice moderatly priced food options in that area. You might want to call the Metro Cafe on Divisadero (a few blocks down from Alamo square. they are a little french bistro type place that does a nice brunch on the weekends. Or else you can try heading in the other direction down towards Hayes Valley. There are some nice restaurants in that area just down Hayes street towards Market.
        Best of luck,

        1. re: Jupiter

          Thanks Jupiter! The Metro Cafe sounds great, and my boyfriend is a huge brunch fanatic so I will definitely check it out. Will we need reservations?

          1. re: Helen Key

            That i do not know about it, but it can never hurt to call. If you can't find there number then look up the number for the Metro Hotel and they will give you the number. (the cafe is on the first floor of the hotel which is a converted victorian)
            Also, there is a resaurant that just opened up on the corner of divisadero and Fulton (i think) called Bar Fly and i looked at there menu and it looks trendy and reasonably priced, but i don't know anyone who has eaten there yet, although it always seems full, but that could be cause it is a bar as well....
            Have a nice time!