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Apr 10, 2001 05:06 PM

Food supplier

  • j

I need some good suppliers of ethnic foods and ingredients: German, Italian,ETC.

I don't want to go all the way into Philly if I don't have too. Is there any good places you can recomend in Bucks COunty?

Thanks for the help.

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  1. d
    David De Silva

    what you ask for is not an easy question. GOOD suppliers of Italian foods are quite hard to come by in the 'burbs for sure. You're best bet is going to the Italian market in South Philly but you probably already know that.

    Be that as it may, the only Italian suppliers (I know no German ones) I know of are Sam's on Rte. 63 in Willow Grove, Zagara's in Jenkintown, A taste of Italy on Bethlehem Pike in Springhouse (across from The Drafting Room), and Montella's in Lansdale. I also remember seeing one the other day in downtown Chestnut Hill but can't remember the name. I'm sure there must be are some in Norristown as well. Good luck and if you find a really good place please post it!

    1. Altemonte's on Rt 263 a little north of County Line Rd is where I go for Italian specialties in Bucks County. They are also a source for good meats. Other than Italian, ethnic foods are hard to find in the burbs.