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Philly Cheesesteaks: Gino's or Pat's

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Going to Philly soon.
Which one is better?

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    1. re: Pepper

      If you're going to go to Tony Luke's, opt for the roast pork -- with broccoli rabe! Delectable.

      1. re: Bob Libkind

        Absolutely quintessential cheesesteak experience - Jim's on South Street. And yes, Tony Luke's for roast pork with brocccoli rabe, don't forget the provolone!

        1. re: patricia

          I have never seen the point of Jim's, and am pretty much to the point of dropping it from cheesesteak pilgramages. Pat's, on the other hand, is essential.

          As is, of course, Tony Luke's pork sammy.

            1. re: tricia
              DREW (the steak expert, bitch)

              yeah-A SAMMY! i had a roast pork with sharp provolone and plenty of onions at Tony luke's.one of best sandwiches i ever had(also one of the most mafiosa places around).there is not as much pressure to order correctly at TL's as Pat's/Gino's.as for Gino's/Pat's....gino's wins.the provolone wit was so good i went back for another.pat's wiz wit gave me crazy shits and super tough meat.jim's was skimpy on the meat, though it was tender.friendly service as well.clean.

              1. re: DREW (the steak expert, bitch)
                victor lieberman

                Where is Tony Lukes?
                I will try Ginos
                I never thought that
                Pats or Jim's were as good as
                Mama's, Larry's or Delassandros.


      1. Well, I've had both, and didn't like either. I preferred Gino's to Pat's, though. The meat at Pat's was served cold, fatty and gristly. I know -- I know -- a good Philly Cheesesteak has to have gristle. But my preference is for Jim's -- made to order, enough grease, not too much gristle. Love to put those dried whole red chilli peppers in oil on top of those cheesesteaks. While there may be others that will probably disagree, I know what I like -- saying that it may not be the quintessential cheesesteake experience. But I really do think that Jim's puts out a superior product.

        1. c
          Chef Stefano

          I grew up in Philly and I guess this sounds disloyal, but I do not really care for the Philly cheesesteak. However, if you are in the area of Pat's and Geno's, try Bitar's Pita Hut at 10th and Federal. They make a grilled felafal sandwich that wins best of Philly awards just about every year. And don't forget the Triangle Tavern at 10th anf Reed for steamed mussels. In fact, I mentioned this place before to Chowhounds. Has anyone tried it?

          1. If you are staying in Philly, get one of each and tell us which you liked! If you come anywhere near the norristown / blue bell area go to pudges, it blows them both away!

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            1. re: blueschef
              victor lieberman

              We will be driving to and from downtown
              Philly/Valley Forge.
              Where exactly is Pudge's???


            2. What's with the Jim's lovers? The EXPERIENCE is at Pat's or Geno's. Never earlier than 2am, never ever sober. Always with wiz and onions and lots fatty grissle. South Street is for the punk kids and tourists the real Philyl Chessesteak is at Pats or Geno's.

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              1. re: Bill

                Hey, I understand that the experience is important. But I believe that food comes first for a chowhound. So go to Pat's and Geno's if you love grissle and fat. I prefer meat.

                1. re: Mark

                  Actually I think pat's and genos gives you more meat than Jim's. I always thought Jim's sandwiches were kind of skimpy. Hey its personal perference I guess but to my taste buds and stomach Genos and Pats rule.

                  1. re: Bill

                    I guess that for me I get more meat from Jim's because after I end up picking out the chunks of fat and gristle from Pat's or Geno's, there's almost nothing left.

                    1. re: Mark

                      Pickin' out the chunks of fat and gristle? Are you sure you wouldn't be happier with a nice slice of quiche?

                      1. re: Pepper

                        hey I think pagonos on ogonz ave is the best in philly!!!!

                        1. re: the man

                          we journeyed from Rhode Island for a pats cheese steak!
                          It was worth every minute of traffic on the GW bridge!!
                          The Best!!!!

                      2. re: Mark

                        Just went to Philly and ate an upscale place called The White Dog. The next day, went to Pat's and had a cheesesteak. Must say that the London Broil at the White Dog had much more gristle (in every bite!) than Pat's cheese steak, which was heavenly.

                  2. re: Bill

                    pats cheesesteaks is by far the best cheesesteak in philly if not the world. jims, genos, and tony lucs are good don't get me wrong, but nothing compares to a pats steak. whoever thinks otherwise has something wrong with them

                  3. Jim's is tasty but they give you very little meat. On all of my recent visits I could have eaten 2 or 3 of those sandwiches. Pats and Geno's is where its at. Sorry Jim's lovers, Pat's and Geno's just has a way with da wiz!

                    1. I followed this whole thread. Long ago in my suburban Philly college days, I had a cheese steak. About five years later I had another from a different source. About five years after I got one from a different source. Each claimed "authentic" and "best" cheesesteaks. Conclusion: some local "delicacies" taste mostly of nostaglia and are best left unrepeated. That list includes cheesesteaks, moon pies, Indian pudding, Cinncinati "chili," shoo-fly pie, steamed hot dogs, and probably a host of others you can add.

                      1. My best friend just got married to a woman from Philly. At the wedding, I asked her mom, who spoke with the true Philly accent (I know it from going to grad school at Penn), this very question.

                        According to her, the situation is dynamic, in a constant state of flux. Pat's is on top for a few years, then the stars realign and somehow Jim's starts tasting better.

                        She says Jim's has ascended to be her current favorite. But that was 2 months ago, so who knows...?

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                        1. re: Andrew

                          I think it all has to do with loyalty. For instance, I go to Gino's. I love Gino's cheesesteaks, and as far as I'm concerned, he is the authority on fine greasy food. Now, I've never tried Pat's even though it's across the street, because I'm loyal to Gino. I guess I should go over and try it though...