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Apr 1, 2001 11:51 AM

Collegeville Inn BEFORE you go please READ this post

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If you are looking for good service and good food this is NOT the place for you. I was amazed at the events that unfolded on the eve of 3/31/01.
As a party of 6 we went out for a meal. Unbelievably, they only had one Corona at 7:00 on a Sat. night. That was only the beginning. We were seated in the bar area and given DINNER menus. A waiter took our order on a napkin (uh-oh). Since sevice was slow we ordered apps and our entrees at the same time. 10 minutes later 3 salads arrived, 1 of which had the wrong dressing. After inquiring about our apps, we were told they didn't know we wanted them as appetizers ( I guess most people order nachos with mahi-mahi). 10 minutes after that we were told that they only had 2 orders of their mahi-mahi SPECIAL. We ordered 3. I changed to a N.Y.strip w/ fries.
The nachos came out and were marginal at best.Then 2 mahi- mahi specials were brought out, as 4 people sat and waited. 5 minutes passed and our silverware was removed. We had to go to the bar and get more silverware, as well as serving ourselves 2 rounds of drinks. 2 overdone dried up N.Y strip dinners ($18.95/ea.) then followed, mine w/o the fries I had ordered. 5 minutes later a cold plate of ribs was brought to the table. Amazingly, the chicken Ceasar salad was brought out 20 minutes later (yes a salad!) , by now our cousin didn't want the salad.
After voicing our PROBLEMS to the manager she told us the food that we did get would be 1/2 off. In reality we were only given $50.00 off a $165.00 bill. She blamed the events on 1)the bar area was not for full fare, although we were given full fare menus and 2) the wedding from downstairs came to the bar and they were to busy to accomodate everyone properly ( maybe that was because 2 new employees tried to wait on approx. 150 people)
A FIASCO at best!!!!! STAY AWAY!!!!!

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  1. You forgot that they only had 3 beer glasses when we asked for a pitcher of beer at 7:30 so we had to drink for wine glasses. Also I was the one who got the salad after waiting twenty minutes to get it. It really was the worst of everything but mostly the mamangement. Also when we went there we planned to use our entertainment cards which we were told we could only use in the Main fare area so in reality we didn't even get much off a really poor meal and we were not allowed to use are entertainment cards even thought they were not listed this way in the book. So in the end we ended up paying more for food that wasn't even eaten or good!! Stay Away!!!

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      I ate there on Friday April 6th. TERRIBLE!! I wish I would have read your post Fred. I hope others read your message before going. My wife and I spoke to another couple on our way out and they said they only come for drinks because "service sux and so does the food"!