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Mar 31, 2001 08:36 AM

I-80 east to west-Central PA--brief report

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Along I-80 in Central PA:

Dubois PA I-80 exit 16
Tommy D's
A very nice main st. restaurant with a super well stocked bar, good steaks and prime rib. We had a bottle of Presque Isle Cabernet from Erie PA. Soft and well balanced, ok for the price. Also in Dubois--a very decent hotel at the Best Western across from the college--a well restored old building clean as a whistle, inexpensive and quiet.

Danville PA I-80 exit 33
Pine Barn Inn
(Across from Geisinger Medical Center)
I've stayed here before about 9 years ago--pre Chowhound. Dinner is a little rich for me, but breakfast is unbelievable. Super pancakes, great quality bacon, very fresh eggs and exemplary home fries. Simple stuff, done absolutely right. Tab for two--$15.00 A breakfast paragon. Also--the rooms are high quality and reasonable.

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