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Oct 31, 2001 05:48 PM

replacing sun hung hueng

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sun hung hueng on washington just east of grant has been gone for years but i still crave their angel wings (fried stuffed chicken wing), and old fashioned cantonese style chow mein with pan fried noodles.ive tried silver, sam wo, r&g lounge and countless others. is there an equivalent or should i abandon my quest. ill be in the city 11/8-10 please help.

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  1. Alas, there is no equal to Sun Hung Hueng (or its former next door neighbor, Nam Yuen). Worse yet, no one has even come close to the chow mein at the former Jackson Cafe. Most of the chow mein is a bland, soupy stuff with limp noodles. However, if you are a true chow mein lover, Young's at the corner of Kearny and Sacramento serves the best Hong Kong style chow mein I have ever had. I very much like the beef and peppers in black bean sauce.

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      What I want is a replacement for the Tong Kee's (three of them). I loved the Vegetable Beef Stew Chow Fun. Given the high heat required for getting that burned/smokey flavor into the dish, this is one favorite that I can't replicate at home. (Miserable electric stove, grumble, grumble.)

      Yeah, it's too bad about Nam Yuen. We used to eat at Nam Yuen a lot in the 70's when my uncle was a chef there. He's retired now, so no help in that regard. At least I get to enjoy the occasional meal at his house. :-)


      1. re: Peter Yee

        Nam Yuen had two dishes I always remember: beef under snow and black bean crab over noodles. Al Chin tried a gourmet club for a while that was excellent, but the locals were not very supportive. We used to have a staff meeting every Friday at Nam Yuen...noon to 3 PM. This was in the early sixties when life was easy.