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Mar 11, 2001 10:34 PM

Koch's Deli

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Just got some corned beef and pastrami from Koch's deli on Locust in West Philly this afternoon. The corned beef, in particular, is spectacular. The best part is that they sell real Knishes. real ones! Delicious ones.


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  1. Dear Gabriel,
    I am happy to hear that Koch's is still there. I used to go there in the 70's when I lived in center city. On weekends it would be very crowded but the wait was ok because the Koch brothers would hand out pieces of meat and mini sandwiches. It was like a party while you waited and like you say the food is good and worth the wait. I was there again in the 90's when I went to The Restaurand school. I think I'll take a ride to west Philly this week to check it out.

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      Koch's is an institution to many Penn and Drexel present students or former students. The place is about the size of a shoebox, but there is always comraderie in the crowd, samples of delicious cold cuts while you wait, and Bobby Koch telling off color jokes. I hadn't gone in there for a while after Lou Koch (the other brother that helped to run the place) passed away a few years ago because I was too heartbroken and was afraid I'd break down crying if Lou wasn't behind the counter. When I finally got up the courage to go in again, it was as if no time had passed at all. I was greeted by name, asked how my family was and had the best sandwich this side of Katz' Deli in New York City. I just ADORE this place and hope they're in business forever! This should be high on any Chowhounds list of great places!

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        Charlene Lewandowski

        Can you give us the address of Koch's Deli--Please.

        1. re: Charlene Lewandowski
          Gabriel Solis

          No, but I can come close. It's on Locust between 43rd and 44th.