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Oct 31, 2001 02:15 PM

meatball subs in SF?

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Anybody know of a spot with good meatball subs in SF?

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  1. Yellow Submarine Sub shop
    503 Irving, at Seventh Ave., S.F. 415-681-5652

    Direct import form the Charles Street in Boston, truly authentic east coast sub smothered in red suace and provolone. Yum....

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    1. re: Jupiter

      I'm pretty sure that they have a meatball sandwich at Emmy's Spaghetti Shack (on Virginia at Mission). I haven't had one, but if it's anything like the spaghetti and meatballs, it rocks.

      Also, check out the meatball sandwich at the Saigon Sandwich Cafe on Larkin. It's unlike any meatball sub you've ever had, but it's one of the best sandwiches on the planet.

      1. re: augie's pal

        Saigon Sandwich is at Larkin and what?

        1. re: chowhoundX

          It's on Larkin (@ Eddy). And the meatball sandwich is only $2 (they raised it last month from $1.75).

          As the previous poster stated, it's not your typical Italian-style meatball sandwich. But for $2, hell, give it a try.

        2. re: augie's pal
          Melanie Wong

          Is Saigon's meatball more like a pork siu mai?

      2. s
        Shep aka 2 Cheap Hungry Guys

        2CHG have had killer meatball sammies at Toto's in San Bruno. Also the best sausage sub that Shep, anyway, has had in the Bay (although others say Quizno's, and there's a vote in here for Nini's in San Mateo).

        See link for Toto's locations.


        1. Park Chow on 9th Ave between Lincoln and Irving in San Francisco serves a really good meatball sandwich.

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          1. re: Nancy Berry

            I've tried them and they're OK, but for a real surprise (Zaga-tsetses would say 'a sleeper'), try Portico's in the PG&E building, on Beale St. just down from Market St., on Thursdays.

            Great meatballs. I just had them. Mmm...

          2. z
            Zach Georgopoulos

            Not sure what makes the difference between a MB sandwich and an MB Sub, but I've always loved the meatball sandwiches at US Restaurant on Columbus. As I posted here a while back, however, they seem to be lacking something since the restaurant re-opened, but still pretty good.