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Mar 9, 2001 01:21 PM

Pittsburgh, PA

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I'm traveling to Pittsburgh, PA next month for one (1) night, and would like to know of any good restaurants. Unfortunately, to date, my reading of the message board doesn't appear to show any overwhelming amount of information.

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  1. Try emailing - it's the Pittsburgh magazine address - I've enjoyed Sam Edelmann's picks in the past but can't seem to find his direct email address.

    We ate at a yummy Cuban restaurant downtown near Heinz Hall - not fancy - buffet style about a year+ ago called KENNY B’S at 123 Sixth St. phone 201-1626.

    1. Some great choices to check out while you are in the 'Burgh-
      The Carlton
      Original Pgh. Fish Market
      The Steelhead Grill
      Terrace Room (wm. penn hotel)
      Pnohm Penh (first ave.)/Lemongrass (sixth st)
      Carmassi's (great crab cakes)
      La Scala
      Bayona (Market Square)
      Southside (also has the most hip bar scene):
      Le Pommier
      City Grill (hamburgers)
      Strip District (wholesale food and entertainment area):
      Sushi Kim (Penn Ave)
      Primantis (not the greatest food, but very 'Burgh)
      East End:
      La Foret (Highland Park)
      LaCucina Flegrea (new, Squirrel Hill)
      Baum Vivant (Baum Blvd)
      Lulu's and Mad Mex in Oakland
      Best Bagels: Schwartz's
      Grandview Ave/Mt. Washington:
      Most not very good, the exception is 'Monterey Bay Fish Grotto - gotta go for the view
      Sunday Brunch in a fab building:
      The Grand Concourse, STation Square (S. Side near downtown)
      Best Diners:
      Charlie's diner - great lyonaise potatos Penn Ave near Wilkinsburg
      Laverne's- still in her beehive, only open til midafternoon, West End

      Pittsburgh is great place for food - enjoy!!!