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Feb 23, 2001 08:42 PM

Pittsburgh is in Pennsylvania too

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I moved to Pittsburgh a couple of years ago. I assume there is nothing on this board about restaurants there because there really aren't any good restaurants in Pittsburgh that I've been able to find. Especially not of the chowhound variety. Am I missing something?

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  1. When we first moved to Pittsburgh in 1986, I thought the same, especially after someone recommended The Pleasure Bar in Bloomfield as a great Italian restaurant. Their risotto was yellow colored rice with sliced turkey breast roll on top. Since then we have found lots of great places to eat, from Charlie's Diner to Le Pommier. My current favorite is a Thai restaurant downtown on Sixth Street near Ft Duquesne Blvd, called Lemongrass (of course). The original one (used to be called Anna Sushi) is still on first Avenue near Smithfield, but has a new name I can never remember- still a wow!

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      Hi Les! - great to see you posting!