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Feb 23, 2001 02:41 PM

I asked for a Quattro Cappuchino,....La Colombe Disaster!!!!

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Stopped into La Colombe on Monday. I was intrigued with their coffee, wanted to taste the stuff, but got a big plate of attitude instead.

I asked for a Quattro Cappuchino, and was handed a paper cup with a plastic cap. I never asked for a 2-go!! Perhaps I didn't fit their "cool" image.. I didn't bring my color coordinated power book with me, or perhaps I wasn't dressed in all-black Armani. At any rate, they weren't quite sure what to do when I asked for a 4 shot Cappuchino...They didn't know what to charge either. The young boy behind the counter with all the bracelets, and attitude, couldn't add his way out of a paper bag!! And he is working with money.
Great coffee, but the service? C'est Terrible!

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  1. wb:

    Sorry for your troubles. I've never experienced that problem at La Colombe, but then again, I've never attempted to order a QUAD cappuccino! YIKES! Clearly your tolerance for caffeine is off the radar screen compared to my own.

    Unfortunately, since waiters/bartenders/barristas here only make 2.80 or so per hour plus tips, the public is stuck with what the employers are willing to pay for. In other countries these are legitimate career choices and are paid a respectable wage, hence you get *real* service from *real* servers as opposed to a bunch of wannabe actors, students or people who just haven't figured out what they want to do in life yet. And they can add! Believe me, I am not putting down ALL waitrons, but certainly there are enough that fit the sad stereotype I've offered, to make it the de facto norm. An unfortunate truth, but maybe if restaurants started paying a real living wage, they'd get better (read: more serious) help. Just a thought...

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      The Quattro was delicious, would have been more so in a ceramic cup.
      I'm no quasimodo, but they could have asked if I wanted my quattro to go!!! I guess that they weren't interested in my gracing of their pretentious space.