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Feb 21, 2001 01:21 PM

Tangerine on good value list

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I was told that Tangerine is a good value because they have massive portions that you can share so you can get away with one app and an antree for two and get out uner 40 bucks for a full mean w/o booze. anybody been there? is this the case? is it tasty?

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  1. Bill:

    The food at Tangerine is quite tasty and the atmosphere is lovely as well. Good service (at least in my ecperience) too. I've been there twice and the portions had shrunk by my second visit, however they are still pretty large and definitely meant for sharing. I'm not sure that I'd go as far as to say it's a good value though. The liquor is ASTRONOMICALLY priced IMO - $8.00 for a Captain Morgan and Coke (call liquor + mixer) is absurd. I've worked in enough restaurants and bars to what it costs to make that drink and that price is felonious. They also have a special house cocktail called a "Tangerine Martini" that is to be avoided at all costs. It is an overpriced orange flavored vodka concoction that tastes like melted baby aspirin - BLECCHHH! Don't bother. I'd stick with beer or just a glass of house wine (also pricey but not as bad) or don't drink at all and you could have a fairly frugal evening at Tangerine. I'd highly recommend it for the food and ambience.

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      I'm in agreement with Katie. When I was there last Spring, we did find the portions to be rather large and quite tasty. We especially found some of the appetizers to be huge and definitely sharable. I don't know if one entree for 2 would be quite enough though. The food is tasty and a decent value. DOOOO stay away from the drinks, poor quality and overpriced. If you do 1 app and 2 entrees and skip the booze you should be able to get away with a fairly reasonable meal.

      Personally though, the sultry and romantic atmosphere, dimly lit rooms, and tasty food requires one to experience many of the flavors of Tangerine and spend the money to have a memorable meal. Go, you'll enjoy it either way, frugally or expensively.