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Feb 19, 2001 02:04 PM

Italian market---worth the trip?

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I'd like to visit the Italian mkt in Philly. Any comments or suggestions area to walk around? Also need lunch suggestions and/or fun place to have cocktails.

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    Gabriel Solis

    totally worht the trip, totally a safe place to walk around (especially in the morning when things are happening). I'd say go on a Fri. or Sat. morning. It's not so big that you can't check the whole thing out in a single trip. Might as well have a steak and some cheese fries at Geno's or Pat's while you're there. As for coctails, if you want something "nice" you're going to have to leave the area, but if you want something divey, you'll have lots of options.


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      I agree whole-heartedly with Gabriel! Being from South Philly myself (and Italian) and now living in the 'burbs, I take every opportunity I can to get to the Italian Market. It is very safe and a very ethnic place to go. Personally, I go to visit all the little specialty shops that are there so I can get my fix of proper proscuitto, breads, cheeses and all kinds of meats. I then also stop off at Isgro's (10th and Catherine I think) for the BEST cannoli's and pasteries in Philly.

      There are some great places to eat dinner near by too. As far as cocktails, the only place that I can think of would be Saloon, an Italian restaurant on South 7th St. Have fun!

      1. re: David

        You'll love the Italian market! Grab a slice at the pizza place on the corner (try the white pizza), try the cannolis at Isgro's, and hey - what about dante and luigi's for drinks? don't forget to stop at Talluto's, compare cheeses from Claudio's (hey, their bread is brick-oven baked!) and stop at Fante's for coffee while you ogle the kitchenware and cookbooks. and hey - what about hopping over to Tony Luke's for roast pork, provolone and broccoli rabe on a roll?

      2. re: Gabriel Solis

        Remember. Open Sunday AM until 1pm. CLOSED MOnday. Much less produce vendors Tuesday-Thursday)

        It's actually down to about 4 blocks now. Onlt one or two vendors south of Washington Ave.

        Actually, if you have choice of Italian Mkt or Reading Terminal Mkt. I'd suggest Reading Terminal.


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        Patrick Hynes

        The Italian Market is always worth a trip. While there stop in D'Angelos and check out the sausages and Game, you name it Sonny seems to have it. For cheese, olives, ect DiBruno's or Claudio's? You be the judge. For lunch try a Pork Sandwich at Georges (near Catherine St.).

        1. Thanks for all replies, chowhounds. I made the trip last week & had fun. DiBruno's olives & deli meats (try the black pepper salami) were the best thing & worth the hour drive in itself. Tried a cheesesteak at Pat's, could have been hotter but decent. I expected Fante's to be much bigger, but enjoyed finding unusual kitchen items. Next time I'll bring a cooler with ice for seafood. There were huge shrimp for about half what you would pay in the grocery store.