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Feb 16, 2001 11:29 AM

South Philly Italian American Food (like grandma's)

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I go to South Philly a good bit for italian food but I'm still in search of a place that serves the food I grew up with on Sunday afternoons, homeade pasta, sausage, meatballs, bracciole, antipasto. Nice portions and a good price (BYO?) would be nice too. Any suggestions?

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  1. wait, wait! I've been gone for more than a year, but there are a couple of neighborhood places....let me check a listing or two. I'll get back to you. There's a place at - I think - 17th and Wolf, and - and - it'll come to me. A place with ravioli in a garlic and anchovy sauce to die for. I'll post again!

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      are you thinking of the Bomb Bomb BBQ at 17th & Wolf? Definitely a pasta and gravy type joint with waitresses that call you hon and men in sleeveless undershirts and just a block from my Nonna Lena's house (who has made so much gravy and meatballs that her walls actually smell of it!) Ciao and chow! David