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Feb 12, 2001 09:21 PM

Driving through Routes 15/180/11/83 - looking for lunch

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Yes, we leave Saturday for the I-95 trip down to Florida. We start by driving to Baltimore to stay with friends. Using Routes 15/180/11/83, we kind of cut through the center of Pennsylvania.

We plan to stop for lunch in mid-Pennsylvania (have had little luck in the past). In fact, there have been some real losers out there. If anyone knows of some places that do not stray too far off of the highway, that would be great.

We appreciate all your suggestions greatly.

Suzanne and Bill

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  1. If you're going through Harrisburg, there is Passage to India, which has a decent and plentiful weekend lunch buffet. A notch better than what you'd expect from an Indian restaurant in south central PA. It's within spitting distance of I-83, 2nd Street/Capitol exit. Turn left on Washington, left on Front and it's on your right in the Comfort Inn.