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Feb 5, 2001 07:10 PM

classic philly without a reservation

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My husband and I are doing a getaway weekend in Philly this weekend. We have a reservation for Friday but want to try something classic on Saturday. I have not been back since I graduated from Temple U. 28 years ago. I welcome some suggestions.

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  1. Classic classic? As in South Philly Dante and Luigi's or La Grolla or Tre Scalini? Or the restaurant in the former butcher shop at 9th and Christian? Or classic as in La Terrase - which I believe reopened last year - or the White Dog Cafe in University City? I know the food is good at each of these - and I would guess you could get a table. Is La Familiglia still open? I think so. Good luck - and have a wonderful time. (For a newer experience, why not try Fork or Audrey Claire) - You know - Friday Saturday Sunday is still open, and so is Astral Plan and the Waldorf Cafe. And don't forget London Grill up near the Museum!