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need help pls/swanky philly?

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  • stephen kaye Jan 31, 2001 06:30 PM
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good eve. pls need recommends for 2 nites for friends visiting philly. need trendy/swanky restaurants and lounges/bars. much thx(ie:buddakahn, pasion, swanky bubbles, continental etc etc) thx

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  1. Stephen, all the restaurants you mention are quite trendy and swankly and serve very good food. So, any of them would be good picks. I'll add a few of my own that I like and why I like them.

    Tangerine - French/Moroccon. This place gets mixed reviews on food (I thought it was very good) and is very trendy and "a place to be seen". (2nd & Market in Olde City)
    Cibucan - a little Nuevo Latino place that serves excellent food (but is cheap) with a hip, if minimalist atmosphere (20th & Sansom area)
    Brasserie Perrier - on restaurant row (16th & Walnut), very good food, very hip and trendy, beautiful bar, another "place to be seen".
    The Blue Angel - very good French Bistro food in a beautiful space with a great bar, definitely trendy.

    As far as bars/lounges go, I like Mahogony on Walnut (across from Le Bec Fin) but only if you like a gentleman's club atmosphere with fireplace where you sip a fine drink and have a cigar. Otherwise, I also like The Bishop's Collar at 24th & Fairmount in the Fairmount (Art Museum) area. A fine (but small) English Pub that draws a trendy crowd and often has good live music.
    Hope this helps. Philly has so much to offer I'm sure you won't go wrong.

    1. Stephen:

      Any of the places you mentioned are good, although some are more pricey and overrated than others (Brasserie Perrier comes to mind). David's suggestions are all excellent as well - Tangerine is very nice and kind of different. Food is good and it's a little like being in a opium den. Very pricey drinks though (I think $8.00 for a Captain Morgan & Coke is excessive by anyone's standards.) See my latest reply to "Solo Dining Near Convention Center" for a ringing endorsement of Avenue B - my latest new and hip favorite bar as of yesterday. Also - tell your friends to look up Zagat.com to get recommendations that are more specific geographically, price wise, or cuisine wise to their tastes. Can't go wrong there...

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        stephen kaye

        thx much!

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          Also Pod, Avenue B, Bleu