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Jan 29, 2001 08:08 PM

Attention Montgomery Co. Chowhounds

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My wife and I just dined at an excellent restaurant in Center Point on Rte. 73 (Skippack Pike)just off of Rte. 463, not far from the village of Skippack. It is called Fuzion and is an Asian/Chinese/Thai restaurant with French accents. It is BYOB and well priced (from a low of $11.95 for chicken curry to a high of $19.95 for excellent rack of lamb). They also have many wonderful sounding seafood entrees as well. It is run by the former owner of Ly Michael's on City Line and is a very welcomed addition to an area generally devoid of good restaurants. We will be returning as soon as we can.

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  1. I think you mean 363 (i.e. Valley Forge road). 463 (i.e. Welsh Road or Cowpath Rd) doesn't cross 73. Anyway, I'll keep an eye out for it. And report back once I've tried it.

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    1. re: Chris Holst

      you are correct, my mistake. I meant to say near the intersection of Rtes. 73 and 363 (Valley Forge Rd.). Thanks for the correction. Also, may I mention that if you are in the Lansdale area and like Indian food (as we do), there is a good restaurant in the 5 points plaza called Sultan (BYOB). Have eaten there many times and enjoyed it. Take care, David

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        Jan Klincewicz

        If you turn left on 363 at North Penn High, and go about 7-10 miles, you'll see the Mainland Inn on your right. A bit pricey, but EXCELLENT food. Try the duck (and hope they serve spaetzel with it).

        1. re: Jan Klincewicz

          Mainland Inn is simply fabulous. A genuine inn atmosphere with much better food. Very fresh menu, soups are out of this world, and the setting is low-keyed and lovely. A bit pricey but a wonderful place for a special occassion and it is nowhere near as $$$ as some of the downtown establishments. Sultan is also a find for Indian food and a bit less heavy than the dishes offered at Fort Washington's Palace of Asia.
          Other recommendation, Parc Bistro, less expensive than the Mainland Inn and a creative menu. Also located in Skipack.

          1. re: Jay Schiff

            Jay (and the rest of you), thanks for the tips. I have known from friends that Mainland Inn and Parc Bistro are great and I will get to them some time when we have the money. They are both rather pricey (perhaps a bit less than downtown but not significantly so) and are special occasion places.

            I agree that Sultan serves very good Indian food and is a find. I would put it in the same category as Fuzion: both inexpensive and BYOB; simplistic yet romantic atmosphere; and good service. These are places that one tends to frequent frequently and which our area needs more of. By the way, I have also heard that Myrna's Cafe (Jenkintown) has opened a new branch on 202 in Blue Bell. Sounds like it fits well into the category I describe above and is worth a try! Let me know if anyone has. Thanks!

    2. Thanks for telling us about Fuzion. We used to go to Ly Michael's regularly, and didn't know where they finally settled. We'll find it!