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Jan 16, 2001 08:00 AM

Brittingham's Irish Pub

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We are planning to visit Philly in a couple of weeks, mainly for the museums. We are looking for something to do at night and came across Brittingham's Irish Pub which has a show of traditional Irish music. Its been our experience that you have a better chance of securing a decent table at these places if you eat there, but we don't want to eat awful food. Has anyone eaten at this place? I tried to look it up in Zagat's, but it wasn't listed.

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  1. I have never eaten ay Brttingham's but thought I would recommend other Irish Pubs that are authentic and do have great beer and food. "The Black Sheep" at 247 S. 17th St. was just reviewed in the Phila. Inquirrer and received a very good review (the food being rated "Very Good"). There is also the "Plough and the Stars" at 123 Chestnut (this is in Zagat). Hope this helps if Brittingham's doesn't work out.

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      Thanks for your response, David. We were attracted to Brittingham's because of the show they are having on the night we'll be in Philly. In general, Irish pub food isn't my thing, but sometimes I'm willing to make an exception.

    2. I've never been to Brittinghams's but have good food often at The Bards on the 2000 block of Walnut Street. This is my favorite Irish bar in Philly. The bartenders are all from Ireland and some will gladly quote the poetry of the Bards to you. My favorite time to go there is Sunday afternoon when Celtic music is played.

      1. Just to let you know I've been to Brittingham's numerous times, (unfortunately it's been over a year since) and the food has always been great. I hope you enjoy your time in Philly as well as Brittinghams.

        1. I've eaten here often!
          The food is very standard fare - it's not bad at all, and the crab-cake sandwiches (their specialty) are certainly tasty.

          However, you don't need to dine here in order to have a good seat for the music - there's a big hall where the band plays, and on jumpin' nights, there's no problem getting in and finding a seat.

          Brittingham's has an amazing ambience, and I've whiled away many a good night with friends, having a few pints, some very good food (though not world class) and listening to some great bands.

          Go! If you live in the area, check it out! It's very historic, and it's a great experience.