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Jan 5, 2001 04:46 PM

NY-er seeks recs for Philadelphia dining

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To continue a discussion started by Pat P. on the Manhattan board:

It's too bad you've been striking out so far. We tend to structure our trips to Philadelphia around the meals, and are rarely disappointed. I think it's a matter of your source. This board has some great tips. (And some even come from New Yorkers.) I'd be curious to know if you've had any meals at some of the places listed here.

I find that the Vietnamese places I've tried in Philly put most of the ones in NYC to shame. A particular fave in Chinatown is Vietnam Palace, on 11th St. We dream of our return visits there. Also, if you're a Pho fan, we love Pho Hoa, which is in a strip shopping center on Washington around 6th, I think.

We ate a very good meal last spring at Marco's on Vine. It did not seem a pale imitation of anything.

Hope you find some good ideas. (If all else fails, there's always the food trucks at the 30th St Station!)

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  1. I recently moved back to NY after spending 8 years living in Philadelphia. Much like NY, Philadelphia has many good restaurants, a few great and lots of mediocre to bad. There are a few places I think are worth the trip from manhattan to visit :Le Bec-Fin (14th and Walnut), The Fountain (Four Seasons hotel, 18th and The Benjamin Franklin Parkway),and Shiraz (Wayne, PA). These are three restaurants I sorely miss. At the low end I like the Sarcone bakery (9th st., and Catherine?) and Sandwich shop for there fantastic (and inexpensive) sandwiches and breads, and Tony Luke's (original location on Oregon ave.) for there hot sandwiches. I will post more restaurant info below.

    1. Recently read your post and thought I'd reply. I grew up in Philly and love to travel from my 'burb to eat there with my wife. I tend to like little BYOB's with atmosphere and good food. So, with that in mind I recommend:
      Azafran - Neuvo Latino (3rd & South)
      Cibucan - Neuvo Latino (20th & Sansom)
      Overtures - Mediterrean, one of the best in Philly and always overlooked. Romantic with great food! (5th & Passyunk)
      Mezza Luna - Italian (S. 8th st.)
      Audrey Claire - Mediterrean (17th & Spruce)

      Avoid the big smaltzy places with overpriced food and wine and people with attitudes!

      1. I missed the posting on the Manhattan Board, but as a Philadelphia foodie, here are some of our favorites - and they are wonderful!
        Nan - French with Thai influence - great chef,superb food reasonable prices, BYOB - 40th & Chestnut.
        Tre Scalini - our favorite Italian, homemade pastas, BYOB, near 11th & Passyunk.
        Siri's on Route 70 in New Jersey (Cherry Hill), close to Philadelphia - French Vietnamese.
        For very casual Vietnamese, either Vietnam or Vietnam Palace on 11th St. north of Market. For small, casual Chinese, Lee How Fook on 11th north of Market.
        Marco's - on Vine between 2nd and 3rd (has parking lot), good chef, reasonable prices, nice atmosphere.
        Fork - on Market St., near 3rd, another fine chef.
        These are all places we return to frequently; they are not special occasion places like Four Seasons, Le Bec Fin, and Susanna Foo which are wonderful but expensive.
        Other than the casual Asian ones, these places all need reservations on weekends - they are deservedly popular!