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Jan 2, 2001 02:44 PM

The Book And The Cook in Philadelphia

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This year's The Book And The Cook is taking place 3/23-4/1. I highly recommend it. Local restaurants are paired with chefs/cookbook authors. This works particularly well in Philly because, in my opinion, the local restaurants are like a blank slate, competent but without a lot of distinctive cooking style. The imprint of the visiting chef is very noticeable, and a lot of fun.

The website is below:


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  1. I attended several years ago, confining my activities to the museum, where Michael Jackson presented one of his tastings, which have become a very successful annual event at TB&TC. I didn't attend the gala Michael Jackson roast last year, but the Alpha Dog might have been there.

    1. Last year my wife and I attended the Daniel Boulud luncheon at the Fountain restaurant. The meal was fantastic, the food equal to that served at Daniel and Cafe Boulud. The price was, however, substantially lower ($95 with matching wine). Too bad Daniel Boulud does not write a book every year !

      1. Hello-
        I stumbled across this board while checking our site stats and noticed that you were talking about this year's The Book and the Cook. Just thought you should know that the site has recently been updated, and fresh info is added as more events are being confirmed.
        (Disclosure: I work with, an online guide to Philadelphia. We work with the Book and the Cook on their website)