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Dec 6, 2000 01:57 PM

Portugese in Philadelphia?

  • j

I'm coming into Philly in December from Tucson and would love to grab some portugese food (impossible to find in Tucson). I've been to Berlinga's Island a while back--is it still as good as it was? Any other recommendations?

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  1. Berlinga is just okay compared to "Ideal" or "Cafe Expresso" both excellent. You'll need a car to get there because they are located off of Roosevelt Blvd (Adams Ave exit), in a small strip mall, actually not far from Berlinga. Neighborhood looks a bit worse than it actually is, but the food is as good as you'll find in Philly. Ideal is less expensive and the better of the two, in our experience. One of our most favorite restaurants!

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      You can try Cafe Monticello. The address is 236 Market Street.