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Nov 19, 2000 02:53 PM

Neil Stein's newest: Avenue B

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God, Philadelphia has become the a battle ground for restaurant giants. Seems as though anyone with one good restaurant feels the need to build five more :cough: Steve Starr and Neil Stein :cough: I was just walking down avenue of the arts yesterday and noticed the Neil Stein's newest creation Avenue B. Just wondering if anyone's eaten there yet or heard anything about it. I checked out his website and there's no info up on it yet. Is it as expensive as I've been hearing?! Anyway, thanks.

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  1. A reliable friend was there with a group. He said that the food was excellent, and that no one had any compaints. However, it is pricey; his entree, a veal chop, was $35.00.
    Since we know of plenty of places that are good but expensive, we'll stick to our favorites that are excellent and not expensive, such as Nan, Marco's and Tre Scalini.

    1. I had a business lunch at Avenue B on Friday. Food and atmosphere were excellent. Lunch was priced moderately at $25pp for a wonderful appetizer/soup, main course, and dessert selection. Service was good but should improve over time. It was obvious that Avenue B is new as the lunch crowd was sparse but we were told that they pack them in for dinner. I will definely add this location to my short list for future business lunches and I'd highly recommend to others.