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Oct 27, 2000 01:34 PM

New Year's Eve

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My girlfriend & I are coming home for the holidays this year. We'd like to go out and have a solid, but economical (under $100) New Year's dinner. Does anyone out there have any good suggestions. I went to Ortlieb's Jazzhaus the past couple years, and while it is fun and has decent cuisine, I'm a little tired of it. Any suggestions?

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  1. Can't help you out, but you might get responses if you mention where you are in Pennsylvania. It's a pretty big state.

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      Joseph P. Wood

      My bad...I meant to ask about Philadelphia. Any New Year's suggestions for Philly...

      1. re: Joseph P. Wood

        Suggest you check the South Phila. restaurants. (depends if you want big/noisy vs/. quiet/romantic) You could try La Grolla, or Frederick's, or almost any of the other S. Philly spots. There are also lots of places in Old City. Check Fork (I think), or if you want less formality, there's a little Italian place on Third Street - I think it's Il Ghiottone - and the food there is fabulous. You could also see what Audrey Clair is offering, or even Fri.Sat.Sun. for something a bit retro.

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          Try Ristorante San Carlo. It's a small, intimate place on South Street. The food is fabulous!
          My husband and I were there in late September. The menu states that they shop at the Italian Market for fresh produce.

          We chose the bottled mineral water, an appetizer, a pasta dish for me, a veal dish for my husband, a glass of wine each, dessert with coffee/tea for easily under $100. The staff is very attentive, but not obnoxious. The tables are somewhat close. They received Best of Philly for something a few years ago. Don't remember what though.

          I would easily go back.